8 Ways To Great PDF Free Download

We come across many file types in our daily life. Portable Document Format(PDF) is a very well known file format. Today there are millions of PDF files in internet. We all download a lot of them, as we can‘t buy the hard copy every time. So this article is regarding how to convert a document into PDF format. Today I will tell you 3 useful ways to do it.

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1. Document to PDF converter software

There is a very popular free software to convert word to pdf. Download the software from below location.

While installing the PDF Writer, it will prompt you to download the free PDF converter. Download the converter also. Then install it. After installing the software, you are almost done. Don’t search for the shortcut to run the application. To convert any document to PDF, just open the document and press Ctrl+p to print the document. Set the printer as Cute PDF Writer from the drop down and press OK to save as PDF. The same has been shown in the following image.

8 Ways To Great Pdf free. download full


There is a beautiful plugin for MS Word which you can use to easily convert word document into PDF files.You will get this plugin in Microsoft’s own website.
Download Link: SaveAsPDF plugin

Just install the plugin and you are done. To convert a document into PDF just go to Save As–>PDF.

There are a lot of online document to PDF converter. If you have internet then you can easily use these services.
  • www.docupub.com/pdfconvert
  • www.doc2pdf.net
  • www.docspal.com

(Note for Google Docs: Go to Google docs–>Upload the file–>Select the file in Google docs–>Click on more–>Click on Download–>Change the file type to PDF)
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3 Ways To Create PDF FREE

PDF is the most popular Electronic Document format in the world, and people often need to create PDF files for publishing and distribution. However, create a PDF file is very complicated in Acrobat. So people may like creating PDF files from Microsoft Word file, or JPEG images. Here are 3 ways I wrote to create PDF for FREE.
1 - Doc2PDF.net
Doc2PDF.net is an online service to create Acrobat PDF Documents from microsoft word documents(include .Doc and .Docx formats) for Free. All you need to do is select one of your word file then click on 'Convert Document' button.
Pros: Free, Support .Doc and .Docx formats both.
Cons: Ads on the page, No Batch Mode.
2 - PDFOnline Word To PDF
PDFOnline Word To PDF is another free online Word To PDF Creator like Doc2PDF.net. The different between them is when you use PDFOnline Word To PDF, you need to submit your email address. Once PDFOnline Word To PDF finish creating, you will see the converted PDF file in your email box.
Pros: Free, Secure(Because they send files into your email box).
Cons: 2MB upload filesize limited, No Batch Mode.
3 - Zilla JPG To PDF Converter
War thunder port novorossiysk. The two free online tools above are all word to pdf creator. Sometimes people may need to create pdf from image files like JPG, BMP, TIF etc. Zilla JPG To PDF Converter is a windows desktop application for creating pdf document from image formats like JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PNG etc. Zilla JPG To PDF Converter also support to convert Photoshop PSD file to PDF Document.
Pros: Free, Several image formats, Batch Mode, PC Application, No Adsware/Maleware.
Cons: Cannot Create PDF From Word.
Quote this article please link back:https://www.pdfzilla.com/3-ways-to-create-pdf-free.html

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8 Ways To Great Pdf Free Download Pdf

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8 Ways To Great Pdf Free Download Free

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8 Ways To Great PDF Free Download

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