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  • 10+ Return to Work Questionnaire Templates in PDF A return to work (RTW) program, simply put, means that permitting employees, who are unable to perform their usual and customary job duties measuring to all the injury or unwellness, to come to figure in a very temporary, limited, or the minimal duty capability whereas they recover.

Getting sick and being involved in an accident where an injury is obtained are some of the known excuses that employees use for them to be permitted to not report to the workplace. However, the managers and the human resource personnel of a company must ensure that the named excuses are legit, which is why it is important to use forms and documents in acquiring proof and pieces of evidence especially when the employee wants to get back to work a few days after his first absence.

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With this, a return to work form needs to be prepared by the company to be signed not only by the employee but by his physician as well.

Employee Return to Work Form

Return to Work Form in DOC

What is a Return to Work Form?

Return to work forms are documents intended to be used by employees who have been absent from their work. This form is often required by companies to be submitted by the employee before he or she will be allowed to report back to his or her department and continue the work left for him or her during his/her period of absences. Extract multiple rar files with 7 zip. Enclosed with the form are documents that will prove the necessity for the employee to leave his/her work or be absent for a few days such as due to a medical condition by presenting a medical certification form provided by a licensed physician.

Return to Work Form Sample

Return to Work Release Form in PDF

Examples of Return to Work Forms

Companies can create their own return to work forms depending on what they want the document to focus on and what data or information of the employee will be disclosed in the form. Below are some of the basic examples of the return to work forms that business companies can use for their employees and staff:

1. Return to Work Interview Form – This form is only appropriate to be used by an employee if he/she is scheduled for an interview with his/her manager or supervisor with regards to his/her consecutive days of absence. The form will basically have the employee’s details and his/her absence information along with a set of interview questionnaires to be answered by the employee.

Questions that relate to the medical needs of the employee are the most common inclusions in the interview which will then be followed by a conclusion that the manager analyzed to address the concerns of the company and the employee. The actions to be taken should also be indicated in the form which is significant for plotting a plan for the benefit of the employee and to help him/her throughout his/her healing process if he/she is indeed dealing with a severe medical condition. You may also see work release forms.

Return to Work Interview Form

2. Return to Work Medical Verification Form – This type of return to work form has a section that needs the statements and the signature of the employee’s administering physician. The employee’s physician must provide a certification that indicates his/her role towards catering the employee’s needs and a statement that serves as a proof that the employee is already allowed to work on a specific day after the employee’s medical recovery. The general information of the physician which includes his/her clinic address and contact numbers must also be disclosed in the form.

Return to Work Medical Verification Form

3. Return to Work Release Form – This form is a combination of two documents, a return to work form and a medical release form. By using this type of return to work document, the company will be able to know what restrictions that the employee’s physician requires the employee to keep in mind when completing his/her daily job’s tasks and obligations.

The restrictions must be separated into two categories, a temporary and a permanent restriction. The temporary restrictions will allow the employee to wait for a specific period of days or weeks in order for him/her to do particular actions including bending and lifting heavy weights, while the latter are actions that must be avoided by the employee in his/her lifetime either due to an injury or a surgery. You may also see sample work release forms.

Return to Work Release Form

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4. Return to Work Status Form – Compared to the aforementioned forms, this document is not to be used or filled out by the employee but by his/her physician. The form focuses on what injuries and medical conditions that employee has along with the work and health status that his/her physician certifies of whether he/she can return to his/her duty full-time or if he/she needs to be assigned to a job that is suitable for his well-being, and if he/she needs to remain in the care of the physician for completing a set of medical evaluations until he/she will no longer be deemed as an ill individual.

The employee’s manager must then indicate the date and time or the schedule of the employee’s special temporary assignment if the physician recommends the employee to deal with lighter duties than the regular work of the employee for a time period. You may also see work assessment forms.

Return to Work Status Form

Why Do Companies Need Return to Work Forms?

Companies need to have returned to work forms in order to identify what actions in the workplace are not applicable to be done by the employee to avoid further injury or triggering the employee’s medical condition. Additionally, the company will also be able to determine what accommodations and services the employee will need for him to recover such as the medical assistance of the company’s clinic.

Medications and treatments to be taken by the employee will also be stated on the form that informs the company and the manager of the employee to remind the employee in taking the medications periodically so as to contribute towards the employee’s healing process. You may also see sample work authorization forms.

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