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Updated: 18/06/2014

  • REMEMBER this is only meant as inspirational purposes only.You're not to copy their work (because this would be known as plagiarism) and besides I think Calarts are looking for something unique.
  • Sketchbook: A complete sketchbook filled with your drawings, observations, stories, research for films you’d like to make, ideas, thumbnails, character designs, studies of images from films or other sources that interest you, etc. We want to see what you are uniquely inspired to draw. We recommend you do not use online sketchbooks for reference.

Hi Peeps,
REMEMBER this is only meant as inspirational purposes only. You're not to copy their work (because this would be known as plagiarism) and besides I think Calarts are looking for something unique. And the only way to be unique is by being true to yourself. Trust your art, Trust yourself and Trust your own style .... Shaney



CalArts申请者Sketchbook速写本(已被录取大神)-James Heelis 5.2万播放 116弹幕 2019-06-15 20: 506 5657 384. Hello student debt OOalso mini faq bc i’m getting asked the same questions: what sketchbook did you use? Alfred blackmon. -i used a 5.5 x 8.5in. Canson mixed media sketchbo.

Calarts Acceptance Portfolio for the year 2014

Congrats to those who have been accepted - their work have been amazing.

Dadhoo, Rhea: Portfolio Full Example:
Amazing use of colours, and a strong style.
Horst, Clara: Full Portfolio:
Horton, Maggie: Portfolio:
Issac, Reg: Portfolio Complete:
Sketchbook Examples:
Fantastical packed Sketches.
Kim, Ena: Portfolio:
Sketchbook 1:
Sketchbook 2:
Sketchbook Observational:
KraKirian, Liana: We don't have a link to here portfolio, but here is a link to give you a feel of some of her sketches.
Lam, Michelle: Sketchbook Examples:
(Many thanks for the email Michelle - wishing you fantastic time at CALARTs - really soooo jealous, fantastic work!!!)
Lynne, Gabrielle: Portfolio:
Mansfield, Ben: Full Portfolio:;pageID=3290814452396931753;onPublishedMenu=pages;onClosedMenu=pages;postNum=0;src=link
Page, Alexis: Portfolio Observational:
Portfolio Other:
Her favourite Portfolio Pieces:
Niu, Victoria: Portfolio:
Sketchbook Examples: ( See her Sketchbook below. )
Turner, Caleb: Portfolio Examples:
Siswick Jess: Portfolio Examples:
Sketchbook Examples:
Wasiluk, Martyna: Full Porfolio:

Experimental Animation 2014

Chang, Kyle: Portfolio: (You have to love this guy's determination - he got in on his third go!! The power of belief)

Kamberai, John:I've been told, that not all his work featured on his vimeo account was included in his porfolio.
Just a quick reminder about Karma! No copy people's work. Many thanks to the people who are brave enough to put their work on the web for the world to see.

Calarts Acceptance Portfolio for the year 2013

Chanda, Sandeepan:

Crittenden , Clara :
Heelis, James: (not in attendance, but got accepted)!/2013/03/2013-calarts-accepted-portfolio.html
Howard, Kaden:
Januzzi, Delaney:

Lee, Jackie:

Lee -Sung, Katie:
Lien-Sjursen, Kirsten:
Park, Joseph:

Schwarz, Val: Sketchbook
Suarez, Anthony (JR):

Calarts Acceptance Portfolio for the year 2012

Bader, Issac: I think that this was his portfolio. Gesture drawings are lovely to look at:

Choi, Yong Nak (aka Knocknak) You can see his impressive portfolio on youtube - see below
Chong, Jerrold

Harris-Schotzko, Sasha: I think within this portfolio you can tell that she was being true to herself and what she liked. Calarts

Lee, Hui Yon:

Calarts Acceptance Portfolio for the year 2011

Ekabutr, Monica: (This lady demonstrates the meaning of determination. She got in on her third try)!/2010/12/final-calarts-portolio-for-character.html

Hankins, Carrie: Some amazing fantasy artwork

Calarts Sketchbook Reddit


Calarts Application

Calarts Acceptance Portfolio for the year 2010

Filigheri, Elyse:

Kamin, Yeb
Lin, Gabe: Tagavi, Portlynn: This blog is a must read for anyone wanting to know where to start and what to do.
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