Directive Memo

Directive Memo

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  1. Clearly state your request or indicate what needs to be done and give as much detail as necessary for the task, project, or other assignment to be accomplished. If a problem needs to be resolved, clearly indicate what the problem is and, if desired, how you would like it to be solved.
  2. Give the reason for the directive, if desired.
  3. Specifically state how you expect the reader to proceed in order to accomplish the task.
  4. Give the deadline for which the task or project should be completed. Arrange for follow-up or evaluation if needed.
  5. Mention the benefits of the directive to the people involved, if applicable.
  6. You might include the names of individuals the reader could contact or identify available resources that can help him/her to complete the project or other assignment.
  7. If appropriate, offer to give assistance if needed or offer to answer any questions or address any concerns or problems that arise.
  8. Thank the reader and close by expressing your confidence that he/she can complete the task at hand.

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Directives & Memoranda

Index for Selected Directives, Memoranda, Policy & Procedure Notices and Interpretations through 1996.

Employee Directive Memo

DISCLAIMER: This is an Index for selected documents issued through 1996. For documents issued after 1996, check our other Reference Materials (located in our Codes). You should check with the Department to ensure compliance with all rulings and interpretations.

Directive Memo Template

Directive 2017-21: Pursuant to a Court Order – Directives 2016-39, 2016-41, and 2016-45 Apply to November 7, 2017 General Election Court Order Directive 2017-19 Reminder of Important Security Precautions and Practices. Memorandum Summary. CMS is committed to taking critical steps to ensure America’s health care facilities and clinical laboratories are prepared to respond to the threat of the COVID-19. Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention of COVID-19 - CMS is providing additional guidance to nursing homes to help them improve their infection.


Directive Memorandum Example

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