Drupal 8 Commerce Paypal

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Commerce Kickstart for Drupal 8. But Drupal commerce 2.x for Drupal was successfully released, and there are already many excellent examples of huge e-commerce website built with it. What is great about Commerce 2.x is that is very functional out of the box. This is also the reason a Kickstarter distribution was not developed.

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Drupal Commerce Module

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In this chapter, we will study how to set up Payments in Drupal. Payment is a process of paying money in exchange of goods, services or both to a company or a person.


Following are the steps to set up payments in Drupal.

Step 1 − Download the latest file of Basic Payment module and PayPal Payment module from the link and install in your Drupal site.

Step 2 − Next, Enable the Basic Payment and PayPal Payment in Modules and click Save configuration.

Step 3 − Click Configuration --> Payment as shown in the following screen.

Step 4 − Click Payment methods.

Step 5 − Then, click Add payment method.

Step 6 − Click PayPal Payments Standard.

Step 7 − You have to fill the form for PayPal payments.

It contains the following fields −

  • Title(specific) − Enter the specific title name.

  • Title(generic) − Enter the generic title name.

  • Owner − Enter the name of the owner.

  • PayPal account email address − Enter your email address.

  • ServerDay of defeat: source crack. − Select the server from either of the one i.e. Production or Sandbox.

  • Capture − Select either of the one capture method i.e. Manual or Automatic.

Step 8 − You can view the above created PayPal in the following list.

Step 9 − Next, go to Structure --> Content Types. The following page will get displayed, click Add content type.

Step 10 − Create a content type name as Products and save it.

Step 11 − You can view the created Products content in the list. Click manage fields.

Drupal 8 Commerce Paypal

Step 12 − Add a new field as Buy Now, Select Payment form for type of data from the dropdown.

Click the Save button.

Step 13 − Now, you can view the created Buy Now field in the list.

Step 14 − Go to Content, click Add content.

Step 15 − Click Products.

Step 16 − Enter your product information inside the fields as shown in the following screen and click the Save button.

Step 17 − You can now view your content on your site as shown in the following screen. Click Pay button.

Step 18 − You will be redirected to the offsite payment server to authorize the payment.

Drupal 8 Commerce Paypal Scam

Later, it will direct you to the PayPal site for future payments process.

Step 19 − Once the payment process is complete, you can view the details of the payment as shown in the following screen.

Drupal Commerce Shipping

Step 20 − Go to Content --> Payments tab. Here, you can view the payment status of your product.