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Hi hayunike, One thing is to update the libraries, the other is to update the module. On installation Opigno automatically installs the libraries, if it was not installed on your instance it is probably because of folder permissions. With H5P, you create and edit HTML5 content directly in your web browser just like you edit any other Drupal content. In addition to being an authoring tool for rich content, H5P also enables your site to import and export H5P files. H5P files are package files for HTML5 content and applications. They work much the same way as Flash files work.

  1. Problem/Motivation H5P is incompatible with Drupal 9. Merge request on its way.
  2. Aug 18, 2015 By Jamesap on 18 August 2015, updated 8 October 2015 This module makes possible to extend the TinCan module by adding integration with H5P contents. H5P is a very nice technology allowing to very easily create rich interactive contents. The only LRS supported by TinCan module at the moment is Learning Locker.
  3. Allowing disable the reset of the h5p user data results when drupal (h5p) node is changed: Active: Normal: Feature request: 7.x-1.x-dev: Code: 8: 7 months 1 week: 4 years 8 months: Hookh5pstylesalter not working on first step of activity creation: Active: Normal.


How To Use Drupal

One of the great benefits with using H5P is that it gives you access to lots of different interactive content types, such as presentation, interactive video, memory game, quiz, multiple choice, timeline, collage, hotspots, drag and drop, cloze test (fill in the blanks), personality quiz, accordion, flash cards, audio recorder.

Another great benefit with H5P is that it allows you to easily share and reuse content. To use content created with H5P, you simply insert a shortcode [h5p] where you wish for the content to appear. To reuse content, you just download the H5P you would like to edit and make your changes – e.g. translate to a new language or adjust it to a new situation.

Drupal H5p User

H5P is:

  • Open Source
  • Free to Use
  • HTML5
  • Responsive

The H5P community is actively contributing to improve H5P. Updates and new features are continuously made available on the community portal H5P.org.


View our setup for WordPress to get information on how to get started with H5P.

Drupal For Beginners Pdf

GDPR Compliance

Information useful to help you achieve GDPR compliance while using this plugin can be found at H5P.org’s GDPR Compliance page.


  1. Download and extract the package
  2. Put the h5p folder in your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Navigate to the WordPress installation in your web browser
  4. Login and active the plugin

If you’re cloning this plugin from GitHub, remember to get the sub modules as well:
git submodule update –init –recursive


I am forced to rate with 1 star only to encourage the developers to do better rather than for the purpose of discrediting this plugin.Many features and all interesting, depending on goals.However, the project seems to lack figures like beta testers to debug all the tools and, above all, in the most widely spoken languages that have each one their one graphic representation.In fact, this plugin would be great for a language education project but the gaps require a large amount of work by a developer and not all educational projects have the resources to pay a developer to 'fix' all the bugs or to set up the various tools that often have a questionable layout and lack usability. Inexperienced users and smartphone users would have to struggle to use the tools H5P provides.I have tried some tools and each has problems that require a professional Php and CSS developer. As I have already said, a linguistic project requires a lot of time especially in the creation of educational tools, marketing activities and the creation of a site that can also be used by users with little or no experience in the use of the internet and web browser: children and people with disabilities. This plugin does not make online educational projects easy to build. Although it is free, the gaps are still too many to make it workable, without having to spend time learning the use of the different tools and, above all, fix bugs and modify them according to your needs.I recommend using a paid plugin instead of H5P: you would always have the possibility to complain and ask for support and changes in a short time.Nevertheless, the support given by H5P team is commendable but this is not enough to turn an open-source plugin into a powerful, useful and competitive work tool.
Developer(s)H5P Team
Initial releaseJanuary 25, 2013; 8 years ago
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeContent Collaboration Framework

H5P is a free and open-source content collaboration framework based on JavaScript. H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package, and aims to make it easy for everyone to create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 content.[2][3] Interactive videos, interactive presentations, quizzes, interactive timelines and more[4] have been developed and shared using H5P on H5P.org. H5P is being used by 17 000+ websites.[5][6][7] In June 2018 the core team announced that H5P will be supported financially by the Mozilla Foundation within the MOSS program.[8]

The framework consists of a web based content editor, a web site for sharing content types, plugins for existing content management systems and a file format for bundling together HTML5 resources.

The web based editor is by default able to add and replace multimedia files and textual content in all kinds of H5P content types and applications. In addition a content type may provide custom widgets for the editor enabling any kind of editing capabilities and experiences including wysiwyg editing of the entire content type.

H5P.org is the community website where H5P libraries, applications and content types may be shared. H5P applications and content types work the same way in all H5P compatible websites.[9]

Currently four platform integrations exist, one for Drupal,[10]WordPress.,[11]Tiki,[12] and one for Moodle.[13] The platform integrations include the generic H5P code as well as interface implementations and platform specific code needed to integrate H5P with the platforms. H5P has been designed to have a minimum of platform specific code and a minimum of backend code. Most of the code is JavaScript. The aim is to make it easy to integrate H5P with new platforms.

The file format consists of a metadata file in JSON format, a number of library files providing features and design for the content and a content folder where textual content is stored in JSON format and multimedia is stored as files or links to files on external sites.[14]

Widget mac guitare 2.0 free download for macloadcorporation. One of the most innovative examples is the branching scenario (beta) enabling creators to set up scenario-based learning opportunities.

H5p Drupal 9

H5P created an OER Hub[15][1] after the announcement at the H5P Conference in 2020[16][2].


H5P's primary support website is H5P.org. Here, H5P may be tried out; it hosts the online manual for H5P and a living repository for H5P information, documentation and forums.[17]


Drupal User Permissions

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