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To download the new version of Evernote, visit evernote.com/download or the App Store on your Mac. If you already have Evernote installed on your computer, the new installer will walk you through the process of updating to the new version. Why am I unable to see the update in the App Store? Download To access your notes everywhere, get the Evernote app on all your devices. Launch Evernote on your Apple Watch → Tap on that green plus (+) icon. When the app shows you recording mode, tap on Cancel button from the top left corner. You can now see two options on your watch screen: Title and Body. As such, the Evernote Legacy app, available for Mac and Windows, is downloadable for a limited time to support customers transitioning to the newest version of Evernote (Version 10.0 and above). Install the Evernote Legacy app The Evernote Legacy app can be installed side-by-side with the new Evernote app, and is denoted by a gray Evernote icon. TaskClone instantly sends Evernote checklists or note titles to Todoist, GCal, Basecamp, Trello and dozens more. Everything you need for wise investing. Write notes, record audios and capture charts for any stocks and save them to Evernote cloud. Automate your workflow.

Notes app is one of the most useful productivity apps for iPhone and iPad users. But this app doesn’t impart its excellence to Apple Watch. And therefore, watch users have to rely on Evernote, which gives Notes app a good run for their money. Even as you have downloaded Evernote on your watch, you need to have a thorough understanding of how to use it on Apple Watch.

You can either use your voice or finger to create notes on Evernote. Scribbling texts on the small screen of Apple Watch can be a challenge for users with stubby fingers. For such users, a voice command is a more helpful way to use Evernote on Apple Watch.

How to Use Evernote on Apple Watch

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  • How to Create Text and Voice Notes in Evernote on Apple Watch

Points to Ponder:

  • Your iOS device must be running iOS 10 or later
  • Download the latest version of Evernote
  • Log into the Evernote account on your iPhone
  • Turn on Bluetooth and keep your Apple Watch paired with your iPhone
  • The current version of Evernote does not support business notes and notebooks
  • Language Support: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Croatian, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Romanian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

First off, download Evernote app on your Apple Watch.

Step #1. Open Watch app on your iPhone. and then tap on Search icon from the bottom menu.

Step #2. Find Evernote and download.

Step #3. Next, tap on My Watch icon from the same bottom menu. → Tap on the INSTALL button next to Evernote.

The app will be installed on your Apple Watch.

How to Create Text and Voice Notes on Evernote from Apple Watch

Create Voice Note

Step #1. On your Apple Watch, tap on Digital Crown to bring up all apps and then tap on Evernote.

Step #2. Now tap on that green plus (+) icon.

Evernote Apple Watch App

This will turn on recording mode on your Apple Watch.

Step #3. First, speak up the title of your note and then tap on Done button.

Step #4. Next, tap on the second line and you can dictate content to store in the note you have just created and then tap on Done.

Step #5. Finally, tap on the Save button to save the note.

Create Text Note

Creating text notes on your smartwatch is a daunting task as you have to scribble each letter on the small screen of your Apple Watch. However, if you are not sure about your pronunciation or have a frog in your throat, you can use this method to use Evernote for Apple Watch.

Step #1. Launch Evernote on your Apple Watch → Tap on that green plus (+) icon.

Step #2. When the app shows you recording mode, tap on Cancel button from the top left corner.

You can now see two options on your watch screen: Title and Body.

Step #3. Tap on Title.

Two icons appear on your watch screen: Microphone and Scribble.

Step #4. Tap on Scribble icon (dotted A and a fist with a prominently seen index finger). Now scribble the title of the note you wish to create.

Step #5. After entering the title, tap on Done button.

Step #6. To create body, you need to use the microphone and dictate the text.

After dictating text, tap on the Save button to create a note.

One of the drawbacks of notes in Evernote is that app doesn’t allow you to delete the notes you have created.

How to Set a Reminder on Evernote Notes for Apple Watch

Step #1. Open Evernote on your Apple Watch → Tap on that green plus (+) icon.

Step #2. When your watch shows recording mode, speak the title of a reminder you want to set → Tap on Done.

Step #3. Next, tap on the reminder icon (look at the clock before the Save button).

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Before this, you can add some description to your reminder. For this purpose, you can tap on the line below the Reminder title. You will be asked to record the reminder description.

Evernote Apple

Step #4. When you tap on the reminder icon, the app shows you some options: This Evening, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, and Other.

Step #5. Finally, tap on the Save button to create a reminder.

If you select Other, the app gives you minutes, hours, days, and months after which the reminder will trigger. This is tricky, so be careful while setting up a reminder. Your mistake can spoil your plans for the day, week, or month.

Evernote Apple Watch

When Evernote sends you a notification on your watch, you can take action there. The app gives you three options: Mark as Done, Snooze, and View.

You can check your reminders and notes from the home screen of the Evernote app. Moreover, you can also check these reminders and notes from the iPhone Evernote app.

That’s all friends!

Summing up…

Using Evernote on Apple Watch has some limitations, but it is quite useful when you are in the middle of something. You can quickly jot down your ideas when your iPhone or iPad is not handy.

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Evernote has long been one of the finest note apps. Laden with several highly useful features designed to organize personal and professional projects with the desired convenience, it continues to be favorite among a lot of iDevice users. And, I’m one of them.

Evernote has now decided to limit free account and hike prices. Honestly speaking, the decision has disappointed many users. If you want to switch your loyalty from Evernote to the stock Notes app for iOS and macOS, follow this complete guide to migrating all of your files with ease.

How to Export Individual Notes from Evernote to Notes on iPhone and iPad

Evernote apple watch

Unfortunately, you can’t export all of your Evernote files at one go from your iOS device. If you want to migrate a number of files, it would take a lot of time.

Evernote Applescript

Step #1. Launch Evernote on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, select the Note you want to export. Then, tap on the More icon (three dots) at the bottom right corner.

Step #3. Next, tap on Share icon in the menu.

Step #4. Now, you have to select Export Note in the share sheet. A Mail window will open with your .enex file attached → You need to enter your own email address then tap on Send at the upper right corner.

Evernote Apple Silicon

Step #5. Next, close Evernote app and open Mail app on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #6. Choose the email which you have sent yourself.

Step #7. Now, you need to long-press on the .enex file to access the Apple extensions window.

Step #8. Tap on Add to Notes. In the popup window, you have to Import Notes.

Step #9. Quit the Mail app and launch Notes app. Tap on the new Imported Notes folder. In case there are already imported folders, the file may be named with a number.

That’s done! You will have to repeat these steps to export more notes.

Evernote App For Windows 10

How to Move All Evernote Files to Notes At Once Using Mac

Step #1. Launch Evernote on your Mac.

Step #2. Next, you need to sign in to your Evernote account. Then, click on Edit in the Menu bar at the top left corner of the screen.

Step #3. Now, you have to choose Select All from the drop-down menu.

Then, you need to choose File in the Menu bar at the top left of the screen → Click on Export Notes from the drop-down menu.

Evernote Apple Pen

Then, you have to Name the file.

Step #4. Now, select where to save the file. I’m going to save it in a separate folder to access it easily → Click Save. The data will be exported as .enex file.

Step #5. Launch Notes app on your Mac. Next, you need to click on File in the menu bar at the top left corner of the screen → Select Import to Notes from the drop-down menu.

Up next, choose the .enex file you saved from Evernote → Click on Import.

Evernote Applescript

Finally, click on Import Notes in the popup window to confirm.

That’s it!

Your Evernote files have been saved in a folder named “Imported Notes” in iCloud.