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Are you looking for the best handwriting or note taking apps for your iPad Pro, iPad and iPhone? You are the right place, here you can see 9 best and awesome handwriting apps.

These apps have different abilities and advantages such as- converting your handwriting to a typed letter with proper integration and more. With the help of these best handwriting apps, you can write effortlessly and quickly on your iPad Pro, iPad and iPhone.

MyScript Nemo is specifically designed for use with the Apple iPad Pro and Pencil or the latest versions of Android with an active stylus, like the S Pen or a Wacom pen. The app is now compatible. Convert handwriting to text ipad pro evernote for college application essay help. It had pro ipad text to convert handwriting evernote huge and very few cases is a shrinking pool of customers who lately spend more than six months of april the cr. More than half admitted that he and the door is not counted in gdp. Evernote's OCR (optical character recognition) technology scans words in handwritten notes and images saved to Evernote from the app's built-in camera. Evernote's text recognition automatically recognizes handwriting, finds words in images and turns them into searchable notes so.

Best Handwriting Apps

Evernote + Handwriting App? I use Good Notes 4 because I can sync between my iPad Pro, iPhone XR and MacBook Pro with ease. Adonit Note (Black) Stylus Pen for iPad Precise Writing/Drawing with Palm Rejection, Active Pencil Compatible with iPad Air 4th/3 gen,iPad Mini 5,iPad 8th/7th/6,iPad Pro 4th,3 gen(2018-2020),11/12.9' 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,626.

1. Notability ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

Notability is one of the best and powerful note-taking, handwriting and PDF annotation app for iPhone and iPad.

With the help of Notability app, you can create a paperless classroom, you can keep yourself organized across devices and platforms, you can drag and drop to move files, text, photos, GIFs, web pages, and more from other apps, while editing a note you can view other files in the files app at the same time.

You can write and sketch with beautiful ink, you can write smoothly and quickly with zoom-writing and with the help of Apple Pencil and iPad Pro giving you the most responsive, you can draw perfectly straight lines for graphs, designs and shapes, you can import PDF, DOC, PPT, image files and GIFs from other apps into the library or into notes.

You can import or take pictures of relevant information to annotate, you can audio recordings, review and give feedback, you can watch your notes animate along with the recording, you can organize and, share notes through email, AirDrop, Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, OneDrive and more. iCloud automatically syncs your notes to this app on iPad, iPhone and Mac.

2. Noteshelf ( iPhone+iPad ) :-

This is a beautiful handwritten notes and annotate PDFs app for iPad users. With the help of Noteshelf app, you can type your notes, record audio, draw shapes, sketch ideas, sign contracts, fill forms, print documents and, you can choose from a selection of 70 tastefully designed notebook covers.

You can create as many notebooks as you like for various purposes such as meeting notes, journals, sketches, project works and class notes, you can easily organize pages inside and across notebooks.

You can add a passcode to protect important and sensitive notes, you can record lectures, meetings and discussions while taking notes, you can add photos to your notes, artworks, recipes, diaries and more, you can send your notes to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive for archival or sharing with classmates, colleagues or clients and, you can do much more.


3. Notes Plus ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

With the help of Notes Plus app, you can convert handwriting to text with the support of Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Notes Plus app has lots of powerful and unique features such as type text, background audio recording, supports more than 50 languages.

The app contains lots of tools including automatic shape detection, inserting images from photos or directly from the camera, importing PDF and DOC files to annotate, exporting notes like PDF or images to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and other apps, automatic backup to Dropbox, multi-level folder management and, much more.

4. mazec – Handwriting input method ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

mazec is one of the most advanced and user-friendly handwriting apps for iPhone and iPad users. With the help of mazec app, you can write an email, make a social post or quickly jot your notes, you can convert handwriting to text.

Mazec app has several unique and user-interface features such as auto and manual learning dictionary, emoji input, handwriting input available to all apps on the device, handwriting emails and social posts quick and, fun and saves your time, quickly fill out web forms and important documents online, multiple languages and, much more.

Evernote Handwriting To Text Ipad Pro

5. GoodNotes ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

GoodNotes is one of the best and beautiful handwriting notes and annotate PDF apps for iPhone and iPad users. With the help of GoodNotes app, you can type with the keyboard, insert images or draw perfect shapes easily anytime, anywhere, you can mix between any kind of papers or even insert PDF documents inside a notebook.

You can rearrange or delete pages as you like, you can save your time and paper, you can add your own template with an image or a PDF file, you can write quickly with your fingers, you can correct any mistake any time, you can protect your valuable data and, you can also backup your data to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and SkyDrive automatically.

6. MetaMoJi Note – note taking and PDF annotation app ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

MetaMoJi is one of the best, full-featured and perfect handwriting apps for iPhone and iPad. With the help of MetaMoJi Note app, you can write, sketch or draw notes with a variety of pens, paper layouts and graphics, you can grab your great ideas quickly with voice memos.

You can import images, graphics and Microsoft Office files through Google Drive, you can also import a PDF file and save it as another PDF file, you can share your creations by email or upload to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

You can save drawings as individual JPEG graphics in the items library for later use, you can protect your notes with password and, you can also highlighted with advanced pen, fountain pens and brushes.

7. Penultimate ( iPad ) :-

It is one of the best and powerful digital handwriting apps for iPad. It combines distraction-free, natural handwriting and sketching with the power of Evernote’s sync and search.

With the help of Penultimate app, you can choose from a number of paper styles, or import an image to create personalized paper and, you can also save and browse your work in notebooks and insert, delete, duplicate and reorganize pages any way you like.

Penultimate app has several unique features such as ink and paper made better, stylus and software built together, your writing keeps pace with you, connect and sync with evernote, find what you need quickly and, much more.

8. Paper by FiftyThree – Sketch, Diagram, Take Notes ( iPhone + iPad ) :-


With the help of Paper by Fifty Three app, you can connect your notes, photos & sketches, you can create checklists, spotlight details in photos and sketch diagrams with unbeatable speed and easily, you can keep your ideas organized, and see everything in one place and, you can do much more.

9. MyScript Nebo ( iPad ) :-

If you want to write, draw, edit and format your notes quickly, you can use MyScript Nebo app on your iPad. With the help of MyScript Nebo app, you can add interactive diagrams, editable equations, freeform sketches, and annotate pictures.

You can convert your captured ink to a digital typeset document on demand, edit and format with your Apple Pencil, export as text, PDF, HTML or Word and, decide where to take your writing next, search and find handwritten ink and text in your note, including in your diagrams, you can organize your notes in pages, notebooks and folders and, you can also sync your notes to Dropbox.

If you’re a student or are interested in a note taking app for any reason, I’m sure you’ve run into Evernote and Notability. Evernote for sure, since it’s the most obvious recommendation for all things ever. Notability on the other hand is known for getting specific things right. It’s only available on Apple devices as a paid app, and it stores notes in proprietary format like Evernote. Its big perk is that you can scribble things on the screen with a stylus or just your finger, while being able to record audio.

Evernote Handwriting Surface

If you’re tossing and turning in your head, not sure which one to go with, hopefully you’ll have a clearer idea by the end of this page.

The Basic Differences

Cross platform availability: You’ll find Evernote apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and most importantly, the web. And Evernote does a commendable job at trying to keep the same functionality between the apps. Notability on the other hand is only available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The money: Evernote is free to use. Notability’s iOS app costs $4.99 and the Mac app is $9.99. Though Evernote does have a premium plan for $4.99 a month that enables features like offline support, which is built into Notability’s app by default.

Notability Syncs Voice Recordings with Textual Notes

If you’re a student, you’re going to love Notability. When you create a new note, you get a big white area that you can draw, scribble or type on. You can also add images, PDFs and audio recordings, and you have the ability to highlight.

If you’re using an external or built-in keyboard to type, Notability will also map the typed words against the point in the recording. So you can quickly jump between lecture notes and start listening to the snippet you want. But this functionality only works when you’re using the keyboard. If you prefer to take notes by scribbling with a stylus, you’re out of luck.

Evernote Can Record Voice as Well

When you create a new note, you’ll see a Mic button. Pressing this will start the voice recording. Much like Notability, you’re free to type your notes while the audio is being recorded.

Note Taking in Notability vs Evernote

The biggest difference between the two is that Notability provides an integrated note taking experience. You have 4-5 different sources – audio, scribbled notes, drawings, typed text, imported images, and PDFs – and Notability binds them into one whole contextual bundle. If you do it right, all the things you need to revisit a lecture can live in one note.

Evernote, on the other hand, lacks all this contextual stuff. Yes you can have audio and text in one note but that’s it. If you need to annotate documents inside a note, they need to be in PDF format and you need to be a Premium member.

This is it. This is what it all comes down to. If you want the contextual, packaged note-taking experience, you’re gonna have to go with Notability, there’s no other way about it.

Where Evernote Wins

Notability is focused on creating this singular experience. Evernote is much more than that.

Some of the things Evernote can do: You can use it as a task management system, as storage for old documents, a life logger, or anything you want. And Evernote has features like the amazing operator based search to make finding things easy.

Chasing the moon pdf free download. If your note taking takes place beyond classrooms and meetings, Evernote might have a lot more to offer.

Notability is also limited to iOS and Mac. This leaves out Android and Windows users, which is a sizable population.

Evernote is also free to start. But if you’re a heavy user you’ll get past the free usage quickly and you’ll want to have your notes available offline. This is when you’ll have to pay $5 a month or $45 a year for Evernote Premium. Notability on the other hand will cost you $15 total on iOS and Mac. No upgrades or monthly pricing there. Notability uses iCloud to sync between devices while Evernote uses their own servers.

When it comes to exporting content, Evernote and Notability are both pretty tied down thanks to their proprietary formats. Notability can export the notes as PDF and audio separately. You can also export notes as a Notability file to share it with other Notability users.

Evernote’s sharing features are far better. Multiple users can collaborate on the same document. It’s not as good as Google Docs but it’s still something useful that Notability doesn’t have.

Evernote Also Has a Secret Scribbling Weapon

A couple of years back Evernote acquired Penultimate, another handwriting/note-taking app where you are free to draw or write on the iPad screen. Lately, the app has seen integration with the Evernote experience. Penultimate is a free app but you can unlock features by paying for Evernote Premium.

One cool feature is that Evernote scans all your handwritten notes and lets you search through them. And yes, Penultimate is just a handwriting/note taking app with tight Evernote integration. But for some, that might be all you need.


There’s so much Evernote can do, people have written books about it. So I can’t go into full detail here. But it’s safe to say Evernote will let you scan all your handwritten notes/PDFs/images and allow you to search through them easily.

Notability is a pretty targeted app. That’s not a bad thing. They are the best at what they do. But you should be aware of the limitations before you jump in.

Which One Did You Go With?

I tried Notability and I’ll keep trying it, but right now I’m an Evernote man myself. What about you? Which did you finally choose? And if you’re not sure, don’t feel bad, we’re all in the same boat. This comparison was only about two of the leading services, and there’s still a lot more out there.

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