How To Download Showbox To Smart Tv

Follow the steps below to install ShowBox to Fire TV or Fire Stick using the free Downloader app. Open the Amazon app store on your Fire TV. Search for Downloader and install the program. While that installs, go to another device and locate the direct URL for the apk you want to install. Turn on your Vizio TV and open device settings where you have to navigate to the security field and turn on the option to “Install apps from unknown sources”. Download ShowBox on Vizio TV. Once the app has downloaded, locate it and install it on your TV. After the successful completion of the installation process, head back to home screen.

Download and install the Showbox on Firestick or Amazon Fire TV without a computer in a jiffy. This tutorial is fully dedicated to both Showbox and Firestick users. You can stream the contents of Showbox on a Smart TV screen using Firestick.

The Amazon Fire Stick is an Internet-based media player which brings video streaming to your Television. Showbox is an Android streaming application and loaded with the latest HD movies and tv shows. If Firestick is loaded with Showbox then you’ll sure cut the cord. I’ll let you know how to add a Showbox to Firestick by using ES File Explorer or Downloader.


Showbox is not a built-in app or officially associated with Amazin Firestick, it is completely from third-party developers. So, we need to allow some changes and steps in Firestick itself to access the Showbox’s streams. It is not a difficult task, follow our step-by-step guide as given below.

Alternate ways:

How to Install Showbox on FireStick Using ES File Explorer (No PC required)

Before we begin, please open your Firestick.

How To Download Showbox App To Samsung Smart Tv

  • Part-1 for ALL methods: Enable the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option.

Go to: Settings > Device > Developer Options, Turn On the Apps from Unknown Source here. Now, you’ll get a warning message you don’t need to worry about it.

  • Install the ES Explorer on Firestick

Go to: Home screen > Search. In the search field type “ES Explorer” and search for it. Install the official ES Explorer from the list.

  • Add Showbox APK file URL to ES File Explorer’s Favorite section

To do this: Open the ES File Explorer and select Add. In the path field enter this URL, “” and name as “Showbox”. Click on add button.

  • Install Showbox

To install: Go to Bookmarks section in the ES File Explorer app. Select “Showbox” to download the app and follow the next following steps. Now, you can find the Showbox app from the Apps section (Home screen > Apps).

If you feel the above method isn’t enough to install it properly then try our next method to install using the downloader app, quickly and easily.

Download Showbox for FireStick Using Downloader App (Without Computer)

Perhaps the easiest way to download Showbox on Amazon Firestick or Fire TV is by installing the Downloader app on your FireStick. Airflow nodejs.

Downloader is a very useful file managing app as you can download apps or file from the Internet.

Now you can stream the video of Showbox to your TV using by installing this app.

First, launch the Firestick and repeat the Part-1 as I said in the above method.

  • Download and Install Downloader app

Go to Home screen and search for “Downloader” app, the developer is Press the “Download” button.

  • Download the APK file of Showbox Using Downloader

First, open the Downloader app on your Firestick. Press the “Browser” in the sidebar. Now, enter the URL of the Showbox’s website, “” and press the “GO” button.

A new webpage will come, click on the “Download the app” button.

  • Install the Showbox app

After downloading, click on the app and follow the screen instruction and complete the installation of the app. Now, go to the apps section and open it and enjoy the streaming of movies and tv shows.

Connect Showbox to FireStick with ADBLink (With PC)

Remember that, this method requires a computer. It is completely different from the above methods. If the above methods not working for you then try this alternative method.

  • For this also, you need to enable the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option, see part 1 in the first method.
  • Next, find and note down the IP address of your Firestick by visiting Network option. ( Settings > System > About > Network)
  • Download the official ADBLink from here.
  • Install the ADBLink as like any other Windows or Mac software.
  • Open the ADBLink on your device and click on the “New” option.
  • Setup a device by clicking on the “New” option.
  • Fill the Description field as “Firestick”.
  • Fill the Address field with the IP Address of your Firestick, which is copied in the second step. Click on the “Save”.
  • Click on “Install APK” and browse the Showbox apk from your computer, if you don’t have, download here.
  • At last, click on the “Connect”.
  • Soon, the connection between your Computer and FireStick will be established.
  • Enjoy the streaming of Showbox on Amazon FireStick using ADBLink tool.

All the methods listed above are working and no problems occurred on my side. Follow the guide as per our instructions. If you still can’t install through our guides then let me know from where you struck. We’ll help you.

ShowBox is one of those apps people love. It is similar to Popcorn Time. Here you can watch free movies and stream them on your tablet, phone, or computer. But, the awesome thing about this app is that you can also download it on your Smart TV.


With this app, you have all the best movie channels in one. There are so many movies you can watch. Imagine having HBO, Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu, all in one. That’s what this app offers. You can download the movies to watch them later or steam them.

If you want to download ShowBox on your Firestick, you’ve come to the right place! This is a step-by-step easy guide you can follow. We will show you how you can install it on your TV. Let’s begin.

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is go enabling some options on your TV. You want to be able to download the app. To do that, go to the “Settings” menu on the top corner. Scroll all the way to the end and look for “My Fire TV”. Here you will go to “Developer options”.

Step 2

What you want to do is enable both of these features. The “ADB” and the “Apps for Unknown Sources” should be on.

How To Download Showbox To Smart Tv

How To Download Showbox To Philips Smart Tv

Step 3

Now, go back to the home screen and select the “Apps” menu. It is right next to the “Settings” menu you just pressed. What you want to do is press on the “Down” button once on your remote control. A new menu will pop up. Here, you will go to “Categories”. Go all the way to the end and select “Utility”. It is the second option from the bottom.

How To Download Showbox To Smart Tv

Step 4

Go to “Downloader”. This is a feature that allows you to download apps on your TV. If you don’t have it, download it.

Step 5

Open the “Downloader”. Type “” and download the app. Follow all the instructions. You will need to enter a code and select if you want to get notifications or not.

Step 6

Once you’ve downloaded it, open the app. On top of the list, you will see the “ShowBox” app. This is the app you are looking for. Click on the arrow to download it. When it’s done downloading, press the “Play” button to start installing the app.

Step 7

Now that you are done with “ShowBox” select the second app “Mouse Toggle Firestick” and download it. If you want to browse ShowBox you will need this app. It is much easier to work with. Install the app.

Step 8

Go back to the home screen on your TV and go to “Apps”. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen to find the latest apps you’ve downloaded. Toggle the “Mouse Toggle” app and you are ready to go.


How To Download Showbox To Smart Tv Windows 10

That’s it! Now you know how to download the ShowBox app on your TV. As you can see, it is very easy to do. It might take a few minutes or two, but it is worth it. It’s one of those apps you will use every single day. Hopefully, you found this guide helpful.