Lg Webos Tv Connect To Iphone

In this article we will connect to the Internet TV LG. Our site already has instructions for connecting the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi network. But if you can not connect over a wireless network, there is no Wi-Fi receiver on your TV, or do you trust a cable connection, then, without any problems, you can connect the TV via the network cable (LAN).

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In all the TVs the LG, which support the Smart TV function has a network LAN connector (for what it is, can be read here), in which we need to simply connect the cable from the router, perform some of the settings and the Internet will work immediately. You can also connect the TV to the Internet without the router, directly from the provider. But there are some nuances, which we will discuss below.

Does Lg Tv Connect To Iphone

This manual is suitable for all models of LG TVs with Smart TV. And, no matter what your Smart TV system:the old, the WebOS, and WebOS 2.0. When connected via a cable through a router, you can not only watch videos on YouTube, movie online, or surf the net in your browser. You can be easily set up your DLNA server for your TV and watch movies that are on the computer`s hard drive. And if when viewing large over Wi-Fi movies are commonly observed problems, it works well on all the cable.

LG TV Internet connection through a router by cable

To begin with, we need to connect the TV to a router or modem. To do this, take the power cord, connect one end to the router on the LAN connector:

The other end of the cable must be connected to the television as in LNA connector:

Next, go to the TV Smart TV, and select the icon for the connection to the Internet 'Network' . On televisions with the new Smart TV built on WebOS, the network is configured in the settings. There should be a 'Network' tab. If you have the opportunity to send me photos of the Internet settings on WebOS, then I will be very grateful to

. Connect

Select 'Configure connection'


In the next window, choose the 'Wired Network'


TV connect to the internet. Close the window by clicking on 'Finish' .

If your TV does not connect to a network, first make sure that the router is turned on, and distributes online. The router must be configured. Also, check the cable connections, and if possible, try replacing the cable.

Connecting the TV to the Internet without the router

Can Lg Tv Connect To Iphone

I have entered all the same connection by cable, but without using a router or modem. When you have laid the flat cable from the internet provider, and we`ll connect it to the TV. At the beginning of the article I wrote about some of the nuances in this connection. So, you can connect the cable from the provider directly to the LG television, but the internet will only work if your provider uses a Connection technology Dynamic IP (DHCP), or Static IP.

The fact is that if you PPoE, L2TP, or PPTP connection, without the router, the Internet on your TV will not work. For the reason that the TV is not able to run such a compound. Well, if your ISP connection technology Dynamic IP, then simply connect the network cable to the TV, and set up the network as I showed above.

Lg Webos Tv Connect To Iphone

If the connection technology Static IP (which is basically a rarity) , is in the process of connection settings, on the LG TV You can set the IP and DNS addresses manually. Suffice it during configuration select 'Manual Setup' .

Then select the wired network, specify the desired IP, subnet mask, gateway, and if needed - DNS. And connect to the network. Asking settings to manually just in case if you are connecting through a router, which is off the DHCP server (automatic distribution of IP addresses)