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Namecheap Logo Maker

It is a free logo making tool. You can build a simple and variety of logos for your brand with the Namecheap logo maker. The steps involved in build the logo are very simple. You can create an attractive logo in a minute with this app. Moreover, this is one of the best free logo creating a tool for a startup and bloggers. If you would like to build your logo of your own, the Namecheap logo maker would be the best choice.

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Namecheap Logo Maker – Features

  • Free logo design that’s actually free
  • See your logo in action
  • Make online with any device
  • Infinite combinations
  • Quickly generate and share
  • Fast and easy to use

Namecheap Logo Maker – Steps

You logo will be ready in just 3 steps,

  1. Input company name and type
  2. Select favorite fonts
  3. Choose favorite color
  4. Add slogan
  5. Choose an icon
  6. Find out the best one
  7. Edit/Save/Share

1. Input company name and type

Open the link here and click on the ‘Create your logo’ button to get started.

Input your company name and company type in the text box. Click on ‘Continue’.

2. Select favorite fonts

Select your favorite fonts from the listed fonts. You need to pick 6 fonts in total. Then go to the next step.

3. Choose favorite color

Select your favorite color from the shown 6 color formats. The color you choose would be applied as text color and font color as well. Then continue with the next step.

4. Add slogan

Add a slogan for your company, which will be shown below the logo usually. Then click ‘Continue’.

5. Choose an icon

Search for the most suitable icon for your brand and choose the icon. You can choose multiple icons. Then click ‘Continue’.

6. Find out the best one

Fern task chair. That’s done! You can see a variety of logos with a variety of colors and icons. You can go ahead and choose the best one for your brand. Choose your favourite, so that you can customize ever more.

7. Edit/Save/Share

You can customize the color, text, slogan, icon and layout. Once you are done with the customization you can download the logo or you can share the logo on social media.

Also, you can see the preview of the logo on different kinds of stuff like T-Shirt, Facebook, etc.,

Namecheap Logo Maker – Conclusion

As you can see, making a logo is very easy and takes just one minute to build beautiful logos. Namecheap logo maker doesn’t want you to signup or login. You can create the logos directly accessing the logo builder page. Unlike other logo making platforms, it gives plenty of logo variations and designs.

Make your logo now

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