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I wanted to share this, because I used this great software to create the video.
I moved to Studio One from Cubase, and have not looked back.
Great/fast/stable software.
Here is a video demonstrating how to create vocal harmonies using the Melodyne Plugin.
Shows you how to take a single vocal, create harmonies all with the Melodyne plugin.
Example: In plugin window, you can copy and paste notes, using scale snap, create high and low harmonies.
These harmonies can also be mixed in the plugin, using the Amplitude Tool, and
removal of note blobs to create an automated type harmony groove.
Don't forget to click the gear symbol in the lower right of video window, and select 720HD!
You can ignore everything after 13 minutes into the video.

Melodyne Audition CS6Tema: Starting this music production course with the Overview. This is the final Chapter of the course and we learn all the various aspects of Adobe Audition. We learn about Digital Audio Fundamentals, User Interface, Importing, Recording & Playing, Editing Audio. Finally, we learn about how to apply different effects to the software. Avery software download free. Tuned tracks in Melodyne before and after have a night and day difference. However, unlike autotune, Melodyne Studio (and every other version of Melodyne) give you very natural sounding vocals. Because you have so many detailed controls in Melodyne, even in Melodyne Essential, tuning vocals in Melodyne can be kind of intimidating.

Melodyne adobe audition

Melodyne Adobe Audition 1.5

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Melodyne Adobe Audition 3

Manufacturer site Melodyne is a software application for OS X or Windows with which you can edit audio in a more musical way than was ever thought possible. In Melodyne, you work with notes – and not with a meaningless wave form. I called Adobe and they said they didn’t know. I called Melodyne and they said they don’t test with Audition. I am trying to stick with Audition because its Adobe and it works well with Premiere Pro but if I can’t use Melodyne with it I just may make the switch to Pro tools.