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NetHack: Legacy Cheats and Cheat Codes, PC. Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers. NetHack: Legacy branched the open source project in late 2017 to make fairly substantial changes to the codebase for a more friendly user experience and more streamlined platform support. Integrating a modern OpenGL graphics driver and expected gaming niceties, such as a title screen and cross-platform save support, called for focusing primarly. NETHACK: LEGACY is a remastered version of the original NetHack, the deeply rich and complex fantasy D&D roguelike. Hack and slash your way through orcs, dragons, and cockatrices as you explore the perilous Mazes of Menace seeking the Amulet of Yendor!

Andrea BaroniAndrea Baroni

NetHack is available in binary ('ready-to-run') form for a number of systems - click on the appropriate link below to download. Mac OS X; Windows 7/8.x/10. See the links page for unofficial binaries for these and other systems. The game options affect the look and feel of the game. They can be changed: permanently in the configuration file at defaults.nh (in the same directory as nethack.exe or nethackW.exe) on DOS and Windows, /.nethackrc on unix, unix-based systems (including Mac OS X) and unix-like OS's, NetHack Defaults on pre-OSX-Mac and BeOS, NetHack.cnf on Amiga, Atari, OS/2 and VMS; temporarily by using the.

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CD 1

Valley of Gehennom
Andrea Baroni
A Rogue's Endeavour
Andrea Baroni
Piano Interlude I
Andrea Baroni
Exploring the Dungeon I
Andrea Baroni
Temple I
Andrea Baroni
The Ancient Ruins
Andrea Baroni
Exploring the Dungeon II
Andrea Baroni
Shop Till They Drop
Andrea Baroni
It Takes a Dungeon to Raise a Hero
Andrea Baroni
The Oracle
Andrea Baroni
Piano Interlude II
Andrea Baroni
The Depths of Earth
Andrea Baroni
Minetown I
Andrea Baroni
Andrea Baroni
Piano Interlude III
Andrea Baroni
The Depths of Earth
Andrea Baroni
Pillars of the Gods
Andrea Baroni
Minetown II
Andrea Baroni
Andrea Baroni
Gateway to Gehennom
Andrea Baroni
Temple II
Andrea Baroni
Piano Interlude IV
Andrea Baroni
Book of the Dead
Andrea Baroni
Ascending I
Andrea Baroni
Moloch's Legacy
Andrea Baroni
Ascending II
Andrea Baroni
The Astral Plane
Andrea Baroni
Ascending III
Andrea Baroni
Andrea Baroni
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Below is the full text to src/allmain.c from NetHack 3.4.3. To link to a particular line, write [[allmain.c#line123]], for example.

  • 2moveloop
    • 2.2Main loop

Top of file

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Nethack: legacy for mac os

The luck adjustments are simply to set initial luck using change_luck. Actual base luck is defined in nh_timeout.

initrack initialises the tracking system by which pets (and certain monsters such as leprechauns can follow the player.

decl_init, monst_init, monstr_init, and objects_init are all empty routines used to force the appropriate definitions to compile and be available to the rest of the program.

add_debug_extended_commands enables the wizard mode extended commands.

encumber_msg recalculates the player's encumbrance and displays an appropriate message if it has changed.

Main loop

get_nh_event and do_positionbar are routines related to the current interface. get_nh_event invokes any system processing related to window updating and do_positionbar generates information related to a horizontal positoning bar that may be present in the window system.

flags.move is set whenever the player has performed an action that requires actual game time (moving, fighting, dropping and picking up objects, etc.).

Any action that takes time requires NORMAL_SPEEDmovement points.

Now that the player has moved, give all monsters at least one chance to move using movemon. If the player does not have sufficient movement points to move any more this turn keep moving monsters; otherwise give monsters only one chance at a move.

Once-per-turn events

Nothing more can move this turn; therefore prepare to move to the next turn.

mcalcdistress is responsible for updates of change-of-turn monster data.

This grants movement points to monsters for the coming turn. mcalcmove determines how many points the monster will get.

This important segment is responsible for all random monster generation. The flag u.uevent.demigod is set after killing the Wizard of Yendor for the first time or on performing the invocation ritual; therefore after these events a monster is generated randomly on the level with a 1/25 chance each turn; otherwise there is a 1/50 chance if you are below the Castle and 1/70 chance if you are not.

If you are mounted, your movement point allocation is that of your steed.

This segment calculates your movement rate for the turn. It is first set to the normal movement rate of your current form (which of course changes if you are polymorphed). If you are fast, you have a 2/3 chance of earning an extra NORMAL_SPEED / 2 movement points; if you are very fast you are guaranteed at least NORMAL_SPEED / 2 points with a 1/3 chance of another NORMAL_SPEED / 2. (Note that NORMAL_SPEED does not vary if you are polymorphed, so the speed intrinsic is more effective if you are in a very slow form and less effective if you are in a very fast form.) Finally, your speed is adjusted for encumbrance and added to your current movement point total.

settrack updates your position in the tracking system.

Finally, the turn counter is incremented; we are now on a new turn.

clear_bypasses clears a flag related to whether an object should be hit by a wand zapped at it (amongst other events).

glibr is the code relating to slippery fingers.

nh_timeout handles all timeouts related to time-delayed functions such as extrinsics from potions, stoning, sliming, etc.

run_regions handles timeouts for area effects, currently only used for stinking clouds.

Decrements the prayer timeout.

Indicates that the status line needs to be updated if the turn counter is shown in the bottom line.

u.uinvulnerable is set whenever you are being protected by your deity while praying; during this time you are not considered to be encumbered.

If you are polymorphed into a sea monster and are out of water, you lose one hit point per turn down to a minimum of one.

If you are killed in a polymorphed form, attempt to return the player to their normal form.

If you are in a polymorphed form and are either regenerating or on a twentieth move, regain a hitpoint.

Nethack: legacy for mac mojave

If you are not polymorphed, regenerate hitpoints. Every third turn if you are level 10 or above, gain an amount of hitpoints equal to a random value up to your current constitution if it is 13 or above, or 1 if your current constitution is below 13. Otherwise gain one hitpoint if you are regenerating, or you are level 9 or less and a certain number of turns related to your current level has passed. This requires that you are not stressed or worse if you are not regenerating.

If you are strained or overtaxed, lose hit points from trying to move around; this is every thirty turns if you are strained and every ten if you are overtaxed.

Regenerate power if you are not stressed or worse on every (38 - current level) * 4 moves if you are not a wizard or * 3 if you are, or have the energy regeneration extrinsic from the Eye of the Aethiopica; you gain from 1 to 1/15th the sum of your current intelligence and wisdom totals.

This implements teleportitis, if you are not protected while praying; if they have the intrinsic, teleport the player on a 1/85th chance each turn.

Polymorphing is delayed while wearing an amulet of unchanging; if such a polymorph is no longer valid cancel it.

If you have the polymorphing intrinsic (from a ring of polymorph), attempt to polymorph on a 1/100 chance each turn.

If you are a lycanthrope, attempt to change on a 1/80 chance (or 1/60 if it is night) per turn.

Enact the above polymorphs if you are not wearing an amulet of unchanging; otherwise delay it (as above).

If you have the searching intrinsic, perform the search.

dosounds generates the sounds resulting from dungeon features.

do_storms generates storm effects for the Plane of Air.

gethungry handles normal nutrition depletion and effects.

age_spells handles spell timeouts.


exerchk checks if attributes have been exercised enough for a change to occur.

invault handles vaultguard checks.

amulet handles turn-to-turn events related to holding the Amulet of Yendor.

This attempts to scuff engravings at your location on a random chance that decreases with dexterity.

If you have killed the Wizard of Yendor or performed the invocation ritual, intervene is called every 50-249 turns; this is responsible for the Wizard's interventions and resurrections.

restore_attrib restores temporary changes of attributes.

movebubbles handles bubble movements on the Plane of Water.

under_water handles display routines related to being under water.

under_ground handles display routines related to being buried (a deferred feature).

If you are immobile, decrement the turn counter for being immobile and handle any effects meant to occur once the timeout for this reaches zero.

Once-per-action events

Once-per-input events

find_ac calculates and updates the player's armor class.

see_monsters, see_traps, and traps determine which glyphs to display for those features.

vision_recalc calculates which squares are visible to the player.

If the status line needs to be updated, update it with bot.

Assume that the next player action will require time; if it does not flags.move will be reset at that time.

multi is greater than zero if a player has entered in a repeated command or some other interruptible action; occupation is set to whatever function represents this action if this is the case.

Nethack: Legacy For Mac Os

If a key has been pressed either when no action is in process or in the middle of an interruptible action, check if that key is ABORT (^A by default); if so, interrupt any current action if possible and if not add the key to the key queue with pushch. Actions will also be interrupted if the player senses a monster (checked with monster_nearby).

On some platforms, update the map on a regular basis.

If it is a fifteenth turn and you are clairvoyant and not in the endgame, on a one half chance generate the clairvoyance map with do_vicinity_map.

After each player action, when you are in a lava trap, sink into the lava some more. After 11 to 14 actions, kill the player. Note: u.utrap is set at trap.c#line3991.

sanity_check performs some debugging checks if a wizard mode player has them enabled.

cliparound is a window system routine meant to ensure the player is centred in the screen (to the extent that is possible with the windowing system).

Assume that the player has not entered in a movement command until they actually do so.

Repeated command code, also used for interruptible actions. If nothing interrupts the action (checked with lookaround) perform the stored move or command with rhack. Rhack essentially reads the keyboard input and kicks off player actions.

If there are no repeated commands or interruptible actions, bring in the mail daemon as necessary with ckmailstatus and then take player input with rhack.

deferred_goto checks if the player has changed levels and takes appropriate action if they have.

Recalulate visible tiles if the command just entered necessiates it.

Update the map window every seven moves or turns if certain flags are set.






Nethack: Legacy For Mac Mojave

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