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I have read that there is a difference between OneNote and OneNote 2016 (and 2010, 2013, etc.), and in the lightweight version, it seems I cannot insert equations, customize the layout, etc. Windows windows-10 microsoft-onenote microsoft-onenote-2016. If you're upgrading to OneNote 2016 from 2010, you'll enjoy all the features listed above, and you'll find a host of other new features that were introduced in 2013. OneNote has a clean and simple look so you can focus on your notes, and not the user interface. Aside from visuals, you'll have lots of useful features too. Type or write notes. To type notes on a page in OneNote, click wherever you want them to appear.

Microsoft OneNote is a program that the user can make use of when they need to take notes. This can be done to gather information and also used so that many users can collaborate together.

The program will take in the user’s notes, drawings, and screen clippings when it is carrying out its work. If another user has the program on their system as well, the user can share their notes with that user over the Internet.

The program is available as part of the Microsoft Office Suite and can also be downloaded as a free app from the App Store or Play Store. A web-based version of the program is also available to those who want it.

Features of Microsoft OneNote 2016

The user can read more about these features in order to get to know more about Microsoft OneNote 2016:

Inserting videos into a page

When taking notes, it may be much easier to understand a certain piece of information if there are videos present on the page as well. In this version of Microsoft OneNote, users will be able to insert videos into the page if they wish. In order to do this, the user will have to copy the link for the video from the source.

They have to move to the page where they want to insert the video and select the Online Video option under the Insert option. The appropriate link should then be pasted in the address field of the video. Finally, they should then select the OK option. Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Youtube are certain video sites from which users can get videos to insert in their page.

Taking notes directly on the web

If the user has Microsoft Edge on their system, they will be able to write directly on the web if they want to. Once they have taken notes or have highlighted any information that is present on the web, they will then be able to share them to OneNote. Microsoft Edge has the special distinction of being the only browser that lets the user take notes or write something else on the webpage.

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All of the work can then be saved normally. There are so many things that the user could do with these features depending on their creativity and needs. In order to do this, the user will have to choose the Add notes to feature to begin. They will then have to select the Ballpoint pen and use it to write with their mouse or touch screen. The user can then share the content if they want to.

Sending notes in email to yourself

The user will be able to send notes to themself in their email using this feature. They will have to use the email address for OneNote in order to send notes from their own inbox to OneNote. This is a fantastic way for the user to store important information that they may need later. By sending it to themselves in the mail, they will have a nice secure place they can return to whenever they may need to.

Users will also be able to find any important content they may need easily by doing this. This will also be useful when the user needs a quick reminder of something that is very important. If the user is on some app that has the “Email this” option, they will be able to directly share the content to themself through email.

Onenote 2016 Ppt

Clipping the web with clipper

The OneNote Clipper is a great way for users to clip whatever they need. When they are using this feature, they will have the option of either clipping the entire page or just a particular segment in one. They will also be able to select the location they want to clip the content to so they will be able to find it later if they need to. Clipper is a wonderful application that can be downloaded free from the OneNote website. Since Clipper will be available from the user’s Favourites bar, it is very easy to access and use whenever the user may need it.

Office Lens

The user will be able to use Office Lens on their phone. They can make use of it to get information from any source they see like whiteboards or menus. This application does a fantastic job of capturing text extremely well and even images as long as they do not have any text. It will also get rid of any unnecessary shadows or angles so it is simpler to interpret images.

Downloading and installing Microsoft OneNote 2016

These are the steps that the user has to carefully follow in order to download and install Microsoft OneNote 2016:

  • They will have to visit the official website for Microsoft OneNote 2016
  • They will then have to locate the Download button and select it
  • Once they have selected it, the download process will begin and the user should wait for it to get completed
  • The user will then have to select the executable file that is produced
  • On selecting it, the installer will prompt the user to go through some steps
  • The user should carefully go through all the steps and then wait for the installation process to take place
  • Once the installation process is complete, the user will be able to try out Microsoft OneNote 2016 for themselves

We hope that the article helped shed some light on Microsoft OneNote 2016 for you. There are so many amazing features that are available with this software and we hope that you have a great time trying them out. Ensure that Microsoft Edge is present on your system so you can utilise OneNote to the max.

Microsoft Onenote 2016 User Guide

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[German]Microsoft is making a U-turn when it comes to OneNote integration in Microsoft Office. While OneNote 2016 was kicked out of Office a year ago, this application has now been integrated back into Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2019.


OneNote 2016 in a few words

Microsoft OneNote is a notebook application developed as a 32-bit Win32 application since 2003. I don’t know exactly, when OneNote became part of Microsoft Office as a Win32 application. But in my books about Microsoft Office 2007 OneNote is already mentioned.

(Start menu with two OneNote apps, Source: Microsoft)

OneNote is also available on macOS, Android and iOS. Since mid-2014 OneNote can be used free of charge on all platforms. There are two variants of the application (see also the screenshot of the start menu above):

  • The classic desktop Win32 application OneNote 2016, which was released in September 2015 and has a wide range of functions.
  • And there is the Windows 10 OneNote app from the Microsoft store, which, according to Microsoft’s will, should set the tone in the future.

The OneNote app for Windows 10 was once planned as a killer application (see Microsoft: ‘OneNote app will be better than Win32 application’). But the app was delivered with a poor feature set (my impression) and never got pushed. It was just a lean replacement for the OneNote 2016 Win32 application.

OneNote 2016: Declared as dead and buried

In my German blog post Microsoft Office 2019 kommt ohne OneNote I had reported in April 2018 about the latest plans of Microsoft regarding OneNote. Basis was this article (now outdated) from Microsoft, where they wrote:


Beginning with the launch of Office 2019 later this year, OneNote for Windows 10 will replace OneNote 2016 as the default OneNote experience for both Office 365 and Office 2019.

As a reason for choosing OneNote for Windows 10, Microsoft stated that the app has improved performance and reliability and is supported by a brand new sync engine (which they will also offer for Web, Mac, iOS and Android). The auto update mechanism of the Microsoft Store was also praised. These dreams have now come to an end

(OneNote, Source: Microsoft)

After all, the desktop Win32 version of OneNote 2016 should still be available to interested users for two years free of charge. But Microsoft did not want to develop OneNote 2016 any further.

OneNote desktop application is back in Office 365/2019

Now comes the big U-turn. I have become aware of this, as I read an article from German blogger Martin Gauss. Martin writes at Dr. Windows in this article that OneNote 2016 has been removed in 2019 from the installation package of Office 365. Users then had to install the OneNote app for Windows 10 from the store to work with notes.

Microsoft onenote 2016 user guide

In November 2019 Microsoft informed us that they would continue to support OneNote 2016 until 2025. While setting up a new PC with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365 (keyword Microsoft 365) Martin Geuß noticed that OneNote 2016 was suddenly part of it. Martin writes that ‘3 weeks before’ during a new installation of Office 365 he had not seen this.

While writing this article I took a look at the German Wikipedia about OneNote. There you can find the information that OneNote 2016 is ‘since March 2020’ again part of Office 365/Microsoft 365. The source is this Microsoft article, which states the following:

Starting in March 2020, when you install Office 365 or Office 2019, the OneNote desktop app will be installed alongside the Word, PowerPoint, and Excel desktop apps.

I think that many users appreciate it. Or how do you see it?

Onenote 2016 Download For Windows 10

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