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REAPER has provided the ability for users to tweak, customize and hack together their own themes. With Version 4 came WALTER (Window Arrangement Logic Template Engine for REAPER) which gives the themer even more control.

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  2. I personally really love the White Tie Imperial theme. It's just super clean looking. They recommend a second monitor since the mixer is intended to be docked in full screen at all times however i haven't find this to be crucial. I just use Ctrl-M to toggle the mixer on and off since I'm usually on a laptop without a external monitor available.

Theming isn’t something you can just start poking around with and learn in an afternoon. There is a lot of reading, coding, graphics editing, trial and error, and patience involved. This post will collect some of the available resources for theming REAPER. If we missed something, please leave a note in the comments section below.

Cockos releases regular Reaper updates and bug fixes, really regular. It is skinnable. The ability to change appearance is great, you can make it look like other DAWs, or unique, or like old school mixers: Do you have a large monitor? Check out Imperial from White Tie. There are dark/minimal themes and more.

Reaper Theme White Tie Download Free

Keep in mind that WALTER is next-level theming and pre-version 4 themes still work in REAPER and the older theme editing concepts still apply. WALTER is just for those that need to go in deep.

Q:Are the sticky posts in the “themes” forum still relevant under v4-walter?
A: Yes, and this is an important concept worth reiterating: WALTER changes nothing and replaces nothing. Everything is as it has always been, pre-V4 themes still work, but there is a new entirely optional level of supplementary control available through WALTER. Knowing how non-WALTER related theming works is as important as it has always been.

Reaper Themes Download

Classic theming resources

Best Reaper Themes

Don’t be put off by the date of these posts (2007, 2008), these are the fundamentals of building REAPER themes.

WALTER theming resources

WALTER is a system to define the visual layout and appearance of objects within REAPER — currently, it can be used to customize the layout and appearance of the REAPER track panels, mixer panels, envelope panels, transport, and so on.

Honda hedge trimmer hhh25d workshop manual. White Tie is the man in charge of the REAPER GUI, he built WALTER and the V4 default theme, plus a few others (White Tie Bespoke) (White Tie Imperial). White Tie has written a guide to WALTER in a PDF.

There is more information available on the WALTER Developer SDK page.

Feb 2012 Sound On Sound’s REAPER Notes column by Mike Senior. The “tourist’s guide” to tweaking themes.

Color Themes and Icon Sets subforum

If you need help with your theme or want to check out what people are building, this subforum is the place to go.

Reaper Color Themes

Cursor customization

All the cursors in REAPER can be customized too, and there are 63 of them.

Image Editing

Knobman is a freeware program by g200kg for designing 3D rotary controls for themes and plugins

White Tie recommends Inkscape for designing buttons.

Download Inkscape (free, open souce, cross-platform)

Something I had completely overlooked in the Theme Tweak window was the option of loading a theme for the IDE. So today I’m sharing that tip in case others have missed it also.

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There are three parts of reaper where the IDE /script editor is used

1 – when editing EEL and LUA scripts
2 – the video processor
3 – editing JS effects

It defaults to a very high contrast style, which might not be ideal to look at for hours…

In the theme tweak/configuration window you can customize all colors used in the IDE, and save/load presets including some from Justin Frankel and White Tie. The theme for the IDE is independent of the rest of REAPER’s appearance.
My custom theme for the IDE can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD
Add it to your ColorThemes folder and load in the Theme Tweak window

Reaper White Tie Imperial Theme

Reaper Theme White Tie Download Torrent