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  • Analysis Workspace
    • Projects
    • Components
      • Dimensions
      • Calendar and date ranges
    • Visualizations
      • Freeform table
        • Column and row settings
      • Cohort Table
      • Fallout
      • Flow
    • Panels
      • Segment comparison panel
    • Curate or Share projects
    • Attribution IQ
    • Virtual Analyst
      • Anomaly Detection
      • Contribution Analysis
      • Intelligent Alerts
    • Workspace FAQs
  • Report Builder
    • Report Builder setup
    • Data requests
      • Report suites
      • Report types
      • Date ranges
        • Customized date expressions
    • Layout - Request Wizard Step 2
      • Metrics and dimensions
      • Filter dimensions
    • Manage requests
      • Copy requests
    • Workbook Library
    • Publish to Power BI with Report Builder 5.5
  • Activity Map
    • Get started
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      • Get started for users
    • Link tracking
  • Reports and Analytics
    • Overview of the reporting interface
    • Customize reports
  • Ad Hoc Analysis
    • Ad Hoc Analysis Project Converter
  • Labs
  • Adobe Analytics dashboards
  • Progressive web apps
  • Analytics Reporting API
Report Builder Download

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Yes, I know it's a separate app but I do know at least that with an installation of R2 when you navigate to the report server you are provided a 'Report Builder' link that when clicked performs a one-click installation of Report Builder 3.0. Dexterseries free download. Download Oracle Documents Cloud Service for Android For customers who require higher levels of mobile device security beyond that which is provided by the mobile operating systems (Apple iOS, Android) or through the security mechanisms available within the WebCenter Content mobile applications, Oracle offers the ability to deploy the mobile.