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Download scrum guide free pdf! There is a lot of good material on internet and the Scrum Master Training Manual, delivered by really make me fell happy. They simply explained scrum given a more practical approach and supporting the content using Kanban, Graphs and much more Process Images than the Official Scrum Guide does. And the more fantastic is, its FREE! o/ It is part of a more complete bundle called Professional Scrum Master Certification Preparation Program for passing PSM I Certification, that also contains: The Agile and Scrum eLearning Course (Check the Review) The PSM I Preparation Practice Exams (Check the Review) The PSM…

Each component of Scrum serves a specific purpose and is essential to Scrumג€™s success and your usage of Scrum to develop complex products. Scrum is a methodology where you can pick and choose which parts of Scrum you think will work for your environment. Scrum is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products. Download Udemy - Mastering Agile Scrum Project Management TP torrent or any other torrent from Other category.

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GetScrum Pro is a Premium area for Scrum Professionalswho want to master their Agile and Scrum skills and experience. This area is based on real cases, tips and tools used for experienced scrum professionals. These experienced scrum professionals have been using Scrum for many and many year and now are here to share all theirs experiences with you.

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What are the major problems for Scrum Professionals that GetScrum PRO will help you to solve?

GetScrum PRO will mostly help Scrum Professionals who are facing one of the sittuations bellow:

Scrum Pdf Free Download Pdf

Situation #1 - 'I have the will to become a Scrum Professional, but don´t have enough experience.'

Its is normal to IT contractors look for Scrum Masters with comproved experience on IT Projects, but if you are willing to get a Scrum Master position now, you should have the knowledge about Scrum process, but maybe you did not had the opportunity to use it in a real world. This is true, isn´t?

And about the positions for Scrum Product Owners asking for experience on Agile Project Specification, use of Kanban, how to define the Product Backlog, how define the MVP (Minimun Valuable Product) and how to test it on the real world, the use of User Stories, Agile Estimation (Planning Poker), Ideal Hours, to know how handle a Scrum Planning Meeting with the Scrum Team, how to succesfully handle a review meeting at the end of the Sprint? If you are looking for a Product Owner position, but does not had opportunity to pratice those activities, how you will be able to give the right answers to the interviwer in order he/she realizes you had the right thinking even without much pratical experience?

This also happens with Scrum Developer Positions. The contractors prefer Developers that know how to split work on estimated tasks using ideal hours, developers that know how to share activities with the team and knows how to help the team to achieve the sprint goal, while they work as a self organizated unity, without exceeding the event´s time-box mentioned on Scrum process. If you did not had the opportinuty to work an a Scrum Team, how will you show to the contractor you are the man/woman for the job?

This situations generates a infinite loop, making people get stucked on not so good positions or companies for many and many years, stopping then to keep growing on theirs carrers working on relevant and modern companies.


I already lived this situation and I really know how it hurts. So, in order to help people solving this situation we launched the GetScrum Pro Area, to make the professionals learn all this experience by studying montly about Scrum Real Cases, Scrum Tips, by using Scrum Materials for helping then to succed on their use of scrum every day.

Situation #2 - 'I am already working using Scrum as Scrum Master/ Scrum Product Owner/ Scrum Developer. I always face important decisions to be taken, but i don`t know if we are taking the right ones..'

Daily we are challenged to keep the scrum team on the right path. We seek for better results, process and the environment improvements, we seek also for keeping the people motivated and unware of all pressure that might exists. All these stuffs take time and need experience to choose the right decision with the team.

The idea of sharing the experience of senior scrum professionals is exactly to help people who have this problems to be solved daily. This kind of situations occurs on Scrum Teams that are not mature on the scrum process. So taking the right moves to put the team on the right path is very important to avoid wast of time and money.

Situation #3 - 'We are already using Scrum - at least we think we are.. How can I understand or indentify our team gaps and solve it to really start using Scrum and enjoy all of it´s benefits and power?'

Many teams and companies think they are using scrum properly, but they are not. The worst thing about it is the scrum process degradation for the company´s managers and directors. This situation can assume its limit and stop the use of Scrum on the company or team. This fact can make the things really worst for everyone and transform a bad situation on a real catrastophe.

To avoid all of this is very important to keep studying real scrum cases to realize if we are doing the things the right way on our team. Listen and follow experienced scrum professionals or even participating on discussions are a good way to it. Luckly GetScrum Pro Area also has the resolution for this situation. On GetScrum Pro area members can suggest topics to be explained or detailed or ask help for specific support on a situation.

What more GetScrum PRO members will be able to?

  1. Montly articles about lessons learned by using scrum for more than 7 years on IT Area on different companies and markets;
  2. Download for Special Documents and Templates to help you on your day-by-day; activities as Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owners and Scrum Developer;
  3. Focused email assistance to help solving Scrum implementation problems you are facing;
  4. Users can also suggest articles subject based on theirs actual needs;
  5. A 20 minutes skype session for Carrer analisys and advice or even to discuss a scrum problem;
  6. Download the GetScrum Pro Badge to add on Linkedin and in your Curriculum, proving you are a well informed scrum practioner and very updated about the scrum new and inovation.

Who are team behind the Scrum Articles, Materials and Advices?

You should be asking yourself: 'Ok, GetScrum Pro is awesome. But who are the people that will help me with all this knowledge about real scrum experiences?'

This answer is easy: I, Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena, will directly publish the advanced scrum articles and materials for you on GetScrum Area. By this area we will be linked and exchanging experiences and ideas. Oh Yeah! You are very welcome to our Pro Club.

In the few lines bellow I talk briefly about my jorney until now so you can know me better.

All my background is based on Software Development. I started coding when I was 17 and worked as a Professional Developer using Microsoft Technologies (C# and Sql Server) for six years. During this time I had the opportunity to develop many products (basically focused on e-commerces and marketing solutions) and had the opportunity to grow in carrer, achieving positions like Web Developer Senior and Technical Lead.

After some time I became a Technical Lead I was forcedto choose: keep on technical area or start working as a IT Team Leader and a IT Project Manager. So I choosed the second way, because this path looked like more challenging for me on that time. Then, I started to work with Project Management and after a year on this position I already had the opoortunity to work with Scrum (2011)and start learning the framework.

At that moment, my life changed, because in that time suddenly I was able to figure out why some projects got good results when I was a Developer and why other ones does not had the same lucky. As a person who had worked in all positions concerning the development process, when I started working with Scrum it became clear for me the main aspects that make a good project, a good product and a brilliant team emerge.

When I realize it, I start studying and pratiscing Scrum very hard and became an Agile Evangelist in my social circle and company. And then the results and the certifications started do emerge. I achieved Scrum certifications like PSM (Professional Scrum Master), PSPO (Professional Scrum Product Owner), SPS (Scaled Profesional Scrum), ASF (Agile Scrum Foundation) and also a MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).

So for the last 7 years I have been working as Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner for companies, implementing scrum on then and trainning the team to use scrum every day. During this time I also have been teaching Scrum on IT Trainning Centers in São Paulo, Brazil and on in company sessions.

I am also a member of translations team responsible for translate the Scrum Guides and Nexus Guides to brazilian portuguese language.

Cla vocals vst download free full version. Due my work with scrum in many environments, I started on 2012 the company to delivery to the market more experience and knowledge on Scrum implementation and to help people to get this knowledge and certifications.

The most fresh project launched to help the comunity about that subjetcs was the GetScrum PRO area, that I am really proud to share with you.

Scrum Methodology Pdf Free Download

How much I have to pay to be a GetScrum Pro Member?

As the main objective of this areais spread experience and knowledge about Scrum , we decided to get a very low price in order to achieve the maximum members as possible.

So we created many plan options and the cheaper one custs just $9,90 per month. It is less than a lunch! It is a very very low investiment comparing the return you will have using our articles, tips, materials and support on your carrer, projects and team.

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