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Free download Serif Affinity Photo 1.9 full version + Portable for windows PC it is the best professional image editing software tool for you. A flexible asset management tool for photo editing functions, Affinity Photo from Serif is a post-production app that provides seamless editing capabilities and a rich tool. Using layer-based workflows, unlimited layers can be used in a non-invasive way. Serif established an R&D team for Affinity Photo in 2009, headed by lead designer Andy Somerfield. A free beta test version of the Affinity Photo app was released to the public on 9 February 2015. The initial stable release of Affinity Photo, version 1.3.1, launched on the Mac App Store 9 July 2015 for macOS 10.7 and later.

Serif Affinity Designer is a Alternative of adobe Illustrator and Now in version Affinity Designer remains one of the very few competitors in the 32-year-old Adobe Illustrator. Also, like a £ 48.99 purchase for Windows or Mac, it costs less to purchase directly than a three-month subscription for a single Creative Cloud app.

Overview of Serif Affinity Designer 2021 – Review

Affinity Designer’s attractions are enhanced with an amazing full version of the iPad (see your Affinity Designer for iPad review), as well as the ability to rotate Designer’s text in Affinity Photo or edit it directly within the Affinity Publisher page layouts. Adobe apps, with their various histories, cannot match this integration. But how good is Affinity Designer as a drawing app, and is there anything left? Continue to learn about our decision.

if you are working on a construction project, you are using an Adobe product. Since its launch nearly 30 years ago, large-scale creative software has expanded and become an important asset in the construction industry. With more than 20 desktops and mobile apps accessible through Cloud Cloud, Adobe dominates the market for creating seemingly unparalleled digital graphics.

Several brands, including CorelDRAW, Inkscape and Sketch, have tried to compete, but by the end of the day Illustrator will still come out on top. Most recent opponent? Affinity Designer was launched in late 2014 and promises to give Adobe the opportunity to earn a subscription fee.

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What is Affinity Designer 1.9?

Created by Serif Labs UK, Affinity Designer is a vector graphics editor designed for another Adobe’s Illustrator. Serif was founded in the 1990s as a low-cost engineer, desktop PC / Windows desktop publishing software for high-level users.

The company is now taking over the Mac graphics software market. Available for $ 49.99, Affinity Designer can be easily dismissed as another cheap graphics program intended for professionals, but is designed specifically for professional designers who are accustomed to working in the Mac environment.

Features of Serif Affinity Designer 2021

Serif Affinity Photo 1.8.9

Composition tools redefined
All the tools you need in a vector art app, from an amazing straight pencil tool to an excellent gradient tool. Everything is carefully thought out and carefully developed, it just works — exactly the way you want it.

Designed for your workflow
With key performance, stability, and lack of bloat, the software is carefully designed for the flow of work technically.

Complete Pixel control
With a real-time pixel preview with standard or retina fixes available with a single click, you can always see what you’ll get. Can’t get the best effect on vector? Just set the pixels – the app has a full collection of raster tools as well.

Non-destructive effects and repairs
With a large library of fixing layers, effects and blending methods – including full support for masking and cutting layers – the app provides the most advanced layer controls found in any vector-based application.

Serif Affinity Photo 1.8

Flexible workplaces… and workflow

With fully customizable functionality, including set UI and floating UI modes, the app lets you work the way you want. Also, with unsaved history, unlimited unlimited and non-destructive filters, and repairs you can always go back and change your mind.


Natural brush function
Use Force Touch, press pressure, checks, and other controls for a natural looking art. Arrange the vector brush strokes in a clean and simple way like regular curves, then apply raster brushwork – either individually or with vector art – to add depth and texture to the highest quality. Rotate the fabric, blend the colors, adjust the brush borders, create your own brushes and brushes, and import .abr brushes to fully control your work.

Throw in some shape
The software delivers a comprehensive set of standing primitives with simple controls to adjust the geometry with corner settings and smart snapping indicators. A complete set of Boolean geometry functionality, integrated compact layouts, and full node layout means you can create beautiful complex geometry quickly.

Just your kind
Include artistic text for headlines, text frames for any shape, or text that follows any vector method. Add modern style and ligatures, preview all your available fonts and style sets on on-screen panels. All the controls you need are built-in, including lead, base installation, basic changes, tab layouts – and now with the new version, you can create text styles in your entire document.

New print controls

This program displays the full technical output. Pantone® support, CMYK end-to-end, and ICC color management are just part of it. You can also open, edit and extract PDF / X files, set more controls, apply spot colors, and apply blood space, trim, and planting marks.

Powerful export
In export mode, you get a complete work environment dedicated to sending image. Select locations, layers, or items to submit, and manage the release settings for each item independently. With web design and active UI, you can automatically create new files whenever your design changes, in any resolution, file format, and the desired folder structure.

The standard Affinity file format
The shared file format of the app makes the mixed command format as smooth and easy as it should be. Open any native Unity file from any Affinity application on any platform and continue working – with shared history, unlimited retrieval, and seamless transitions. And for export, Affinity Designer for PC download takes all major file types on its go.

Artboards are incredibly powerful
In AffinityDesigner you can create an unlimited number of design variations, sizes, and screens – laying them out in one document to see them all at once.

What is New

What is new in this latest version of Serif Affinity Designer

Repairs and Improvements:

  • Fixed a lot of tablet installation issues (by resetting the default installation method to Low Precision mode, similar to 1.8.3)
  • Attachment for additional tablet installation (in the toolbar section) to choose to enter High Precision mode, or Windows Ink mode
  • (NOTE: previous command line options –legacy-wintab and –disable-wintab are now ignored)
  • The modified interface disappears following keyboard shortcuts that show conversations, while using the brushing tool

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Serif affinity photo 1.8.9


  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: 64 bit or Higher
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (Recommended = 2 GB
  • Hard Disk Free Space: 624MB of available space; more during installation
  • Version: Final / Beta
  • License Type:Full_version
  • Release date: 8th January October 2021
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Our Provided File Type: Zip


Affinity Designer FULL Size: 507 MB


Affinity Designer FULL Size: 510 MB

Originally posted on 28 February 2020. Scroll down for news of the 1.8.6 update.

Serif has released Affinity Photo 1.8, Affinity Designer 1.8 and Affinity Publisher 1.8, the latest versions of its GPU-accelerated image editing, vector design and page layout apps for desktop systems and iOS devices.

Affinity Photo users get support for Photoshop’s Smart Objects, and expanded support for RAW image formats, metadata and plugins, including DxO’s Nik Collection.

Affinity Designer users get improved stroke and Boolean tools, plus a new Stock images panel.

Affinity Publisher users get support for the IDML and XSLX file formats, document merging, live preflight checking, and the option to collect and share assets.

All three updates add support for document templates and a unified macOS toolbar, and both Affinity Photo 1.8 and Affinity Designer 1.8 make it possible to use custom iPad keyboard shortcuts.

All Affinity 1.8 updates: document templates, workflow improvements on macOS and iOS
New features common to Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher include a new template system, making it possible to reuse or share document presets. Templates can be used across all three applications.

Users of macOS Mojave 10.14 and above also get a new unified toolbar, integrating window controls and the main Affinity toolbar to free up screen space for the image or document being edited.

Support for the Pantone colour systems has also been updated, including support for Color Bridge and Formula Guide palettes.

Serif Affinity Photo Review

In addition, both Affinity Photo 1.8 and Designer 1.8 make it possible to create custom keyboard shortcuts when using the software on an iPad with an external keyboard.

Affinity Photo 1.8: PSD Smart Objects and better RAW, metadata and plugin support
Affinity Photo 1.8 adds a number of features that should make it easier to use the software in design pipelines, including support for Smart Objects when importing PSD files from Photoshop.

There are also “big plugin support improvements”, including support for the Nik Collection, DxO’s popular set of image-editing, colour correction and analogue effects tools, previously only available for Adobe apps.

The update also adds support for Canon CR3 RAW files, and improves handling of metadata, including support for the IPTC format and the option to save and import XMP files.

The lens correction system has also been updated, with the option to override the automated lens correction system manually, and lists of recently used and favourite settings.

Affinity Designer 1.8: better stroke editing and Boolean operations, new Stock panel
Affinity Designer 1.8 updates the software’s stroke editing system, making it possible to achieve “accurate results with far fewer nodes than before”.

Boolean operations – adding, subtracting and combining shapes – are also now “better than ever before”, although Serif’s online changelogs don’t go into any more detail.

The update also adds a new Stock panel similar to the one in Affinity Photo, making it possible to browse stock images from a range of online providers directly inside the software.

Serif Affinity Photo

Affinity Publisher 1.8: support for IDML files, document merging and collection, live preflight checks
Affinity Publisher is the newest of the three apps – it was officially released last summer – so unsurprisingly, it gets the most new features in its 1.8 update.

They include support for Adobe’s IDML format, making it possible to import documents from older versions of InDesign, and support Microsoft Excel’s XSLX format.

Serif Photo Editing

The release also adds new toolsets for merging documents, collecting and sharing all of their associated images, and preflight checks before printing a document; and updates the master pages system.

You can find a full list of changes via the links below.

Pricing and availability
Affinity Photo 1.8, Affinity Designer 1.8 and Affinity Publisher 1.8 are available for Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.9+. Photo and Designer are also available for iOS 12+.

New perpetual desktop licences of the applications cost $49.99; the iPad editions cost $19.99. The updates are free to registered users.

Out of office outlook 2016. Updated 13 November 2020: Serif has released version 1.8.6 of the Affinity applications, adding support for Apple’s M1 chips: the first of the firm’s new Apple Silicon processors.

Read an overview of the new features in the Affinity 1.8 updates

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