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Let’s go and see how to install and config SFTP Extension on visual studio code, Step 1: Open up visual studio code And look at the activity bar. Step 2: So, before installing the SFTP extension first we need to set a local working directory. And create a folder for your workspace. Being able to connect to a web server and make changes without having to download files, open them with a code editor and then having to re-upload is a big t.

How to Use sftp Extension in VS Code

Visual studio code sftp.json

After install SFTP on Visual Studio Code as my post before Using SFTP on Visual Studio Code now i’ll show how to using SFTP on Visual Studio Code in my lil project.

After installing the extension, let’s see how to use this extension. Open the project in the editor. You can do this from File->Open Folder and select your project directory.

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Press the Ctrl+Shift+P if you are on Windows/Linux or Cmd+Shift+P on Mac which opens a command palette. Type SFTP and select the SFTP:config option.

It will open the sftp.json file in the editor. You will get the content like below in the sftp.json file.

Fill the details like protocol, host, username, remotePath, etc. Port is default to 22. You can change it if you are using another port. I recommend keeping the “uploadOnSave” value as false so the file will not upload automatically on saving it. While using the extension, make sure your local project and remote project have the same files and folders structure.

Once you enter the details save the file. sftp.json file saved in your project root directory under the .vscode folder. This file is for a single project. For another project you need to follow the same steps and set a sftp.json file.

Visual Studio Code Sftp Permission Denied

Because im already have offline file on my PC and i want to sync from Local To Remote, so ill using command SFTP : Sync Local > Remote. To do that open command palette : press the Ctrl+Shift+P if you are on Windows/Linux or Cmd+Shift+P on Mac and choose SFTP : Sync Local > Remote, you can type SFTP first to filter command. After that you must choose JSON Name that already setting before. You can see SFTP Process in bottom side Visual Studio Code.

Vs Code Ftp Upload

Done. Now you cant explore all command in SFTP