Spare Parts: Episode 1 For Mac

A downloadable bundle-zine for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Cover - Emmanuel Edeko

MacBook Pro 13' Unibody (Mid 2009-Mid 2012) Replacement Battery Replace a 5800 mAh battery compatible with MacBook Pro 13' Unibody (Mid 2009 to Mid 2012). 63.5 Watt Hours (Wh), 10.95 Volts (V). Episode 1 of the visual novel series, 'Spare Parts.' Lucy's fresh out of her parents' home and looking for a foothold to start the rest of her life, but with no experience and only one friend, she's having trouble finding a job. That is, until she stumbles into a shop run by a mysterious woman who, for some reason, hires her on the spot.

Hello and welcome to Indiepocalypse!

In its simplest terms, Indiepocalypse is just a bundle of games (common thing) packaged with a zine (also common thing) about the aforementioned games and comics, reviews and more!

Each month will feature games by 10 different developers. Each issue I hope to bring together games that explore the breadth of what our art form has to offer.

Over 1 Million Spares For all major brands. 9.8 million parts delivered. Mac Allister Grass Trimmer Spares. CLICKSPOT PTY LTD (T/A MACFIXIT AUSTRALIA) PO BOX 38 SOUTH MORANG 3752 PLEASE NOTE: There is no pick-up/over the counter service at our office address.

Also, and this part is very important to me and should truly be taken as given, each contributor is paid and developers are paid royalties on all future sales.

This Month's Games

The Last Quest (WIN/Linux) by SamberoDev

Games are violent and cruel. They teach nothing but killing people. The Last Quest is mostly about that, too. But hey, the more you kill the better weapons you get!

SWEETDOZER (WIN/MAC/Linux/Raspberry Pi) by t.k. dreck

a pico-8 game where you shove piles of sweets with a bulldozer.

Remember Mary (WIN/UBUNTU) by Edward Atkin, Mark Mauer

A squigglevision surrealist adventure with meaningful choices and multiple endings

Teeth Simulator (WIN) by Bodro

Chew on stuff, grow teeth, chew on more stuff, grow more teeth. Endless consumption awaits.

Budget Rate Stigmata (WIN/MAC) by Hero Robb

A game about giving up things, about changing perspectives, about the loss of self, about what we give up when we are confronted with things we don't understand.

Traitor Nightly (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Seth Alter

A board game that isn't about a board game. Interactive fiction that isn't about interactive fiction. Play against the grandmaster of 'Traitor' (the most popular game in the Pharostine Empire). Listen to what they have to say. Maybe you'll ask different questions depending on the answers. Maybe.. you'll play the game differently too.

Spare Parts: Episode 1 (WIN/MAC) by Sophie Rose

Spare Parts is an episodic visual novel series about Lucy's journey to reimagine herself, and her new friends who may or may not be robots. The arduous struggle to stay alive in a broken world reveals the true cost of pursuing happiness. The first episode reveals to Lucy that nothing in life will be as simple as she wishes it could be.

Asobi (WIN/MAC/LINUX) by Team SolEtude

You're a private taxi driver.


Tonight, you have to take a girl to a hotel.
But who is she?
And why is she going there?

Building Relationships (WIN/MAC/LINUX) by Tanat Boozayaangool

Welcome to this cozy island where you find yourself as.. a house? Explore the area, meet other buildings, go on a date, or.. go fishing?

Broke Brodie (WIN) by Julie (Nhung) Le

Birthdays are supposed to be fun, right? Not for Broke Brodie. A short puzzle platformer with multiple endings! Inspired by 1930's cartoons and NES era games. Can you escape the murder factory?

*BONUS*Electric Zine Maker (WIN/MAC) by alienmelon

Indiepocalypse zine contents

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PHD - Site, Instagram, Twitter, Patreon

Parts 7-9 of 69 Love Games by Andrew

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Spare Parts: Episode 1 For Mac Catalina

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux


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If you don't see a part here, look for the system it works with,or a Web page which lists a specfic kind of part,by checking the links and categories on my my Mac home page.Or describe to me the part and the system and ask for price and availability. But a little searching on my Web site may find it.

All parts are used and tested unless noted. I have some UNUSED parts, check my unused parts list for specifics. Also, consider buying a stripped system for the parts: it's a better deal!.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA.

Parts on this page are:

  • Notes and examples of cosmetic condition (color, fading)
  • Mac floppy drives and diskettes and cleaning disks
  • 1.4M (2MB) floppy disk drives
  • 800K floppy disk drives
  • 400K floppy disk drives
  • Mac floppy drive carriers, cases, brackets
  • Mac logic CPU motherboard cards, ROMS
  • Mac power supplies
  • Mac cases and case parts
  • Mac fans
  • compact Mac carrying bags
  • external cables, terminators
  • VGA and Mac video adapters
  • Mac monitors, adapters, issues
  • Monitor/Video Technical Details

For parts not on this page:

  • Parts may be on other pages of my Mac site: check my Mac home page for links to those other pages.
  • collectable Mac parts are in my collectables section.
  • new and unused parts are listed on my page of unused parts
  • Non-G3 accelerators and CPU chips are listed in our cards page on accelerators and caches.
  • G3 accelerators are listed on our G3 and later systems Web page

Floppy drives and diskettes

please include your Mac system model and floppy drive capacity (800K, 1.4M, etc) when ordering; and any otherconsiderations, as I describe below. YOu can read information below to look for the floppy drive model number. The number on the metal case around the drive is for the bracket or carrier, not the drive. External floppy drives come in different looking cases, those cases are in various cosmetic conditions. Some customers care about these considerations, and some of these are technical and will effect your use of what you buy. I sell parts - these are described as parts.

I have some UNUSED parts, check my unused parts list for specifics. All used floppy drives sold will be cleaned, lubricated, and tested. This is required due to their age. Even a drive rarely used, will get gummed up from the age of lubricant plus the years of dust. Prices for these drives reflect the time and effort I've put in.

As of 2008, some information on Apple floppy drivesis on this Web page, a private Web site. Here's a link to another Web site which has a history of Apple floppy drives. Here's a Web page on external Apple drives. Yet another link on the FIRST 3.5' drive is at this private page but it may not persist.

Can I hook up a Mac floppy drive to a Windows computer? No..and it won't do you much good if you could.Read this tech note of mine for details.

I want a 1.4M floppy drive for my Mac Plus, or SE, or 128K, or 512K. Sorry, but adding a 1.4M floppy drive to those 'classic Mac' models, won't make it read or format 1.4M floppy disks. There are some SE models which do support 1.4M drives. Please be sure to order the appropriate floppy drive for your vintage Mac.

1.4M (2MB) floppy disk drives

Spare Parts: Episode 1 For Mac

The 1.4Mb (2.0MB) floppy drive comes in several different models, and external or internal. But the physical floppydrive itself is one of two general mechanisms: auto-inject (older) and manual-inject (newer). Apple has part numbers for these which may not appear on the drive. But the drives usually have brand and brand model numbers. Many are labled '2MB' as that is the UNformatted capacity of the diskette. Approximate shipping weight 1 or 2 lbs per model. The older drives cost more, as they are harder to find in good condition, and require more work to test and clean.

There's also metal brackets or carriers or plastic sleds which hold the drive to some frame. These are sold separately, follow the link for details.

'black door' 1.4M manual-inject floppy

Apple part 661-0121 or 661-1390, 1.4Mb (2.0MB) 'black door' manual-inject floppy was made by Sony or Mitsubishi or Panasonic, such as this image of a 1.4Mb Mitsubishi MF355 drive. These have a black-painted metal horizontal 'door' at the front of the drive, where the diskette is inserted. It's typically used on PowerMacs, and in later 68K models of Performa and Quadras. Specify your Mac model when ordering a replacement.

To my knowledge, all these brands and models of this general configuration, operate the same and are interchangable. If you want a particular brand and model, some are scarce to me and I'll have to charge more.

1.4Mb (2.0MB) 'black door' floppy drive, I choose brand and model from list below. Used, cleaned and tested, $35 plus shipping.
Mitsubishi MF355-592MA, $35 plus shipping
Sony MPF52A, $39 plus shipping
Panasonic JU-268A016C or Panasonic JU-268A026C, scarce, $45 plus shipping.
Other brands and models, ask if available and price.

auto-eject 1.4M drive

The Apple part 661-0474, 1.4Mb (2.0MB)auto-inject drive is a Sony model MP-F75W-21G or MFD-75W-01G as in this photo, or variations of those model names. The identifying F75W blue lable is under the drive, and on one side, as in this photo. The label says '2MB' because the unformatted diskette capacity is 2 megabytes. The Mac formatted capacity is 1.4MB.

This drive was used from the SE FDHD and SE/30, through the Mac II's, early Performas and Quadras, and other 68030 and 68040 processor based systems. It does not have a 'door' on the front, and it looks like the older 800K floppy drive. This drive was also used in Apple's external 1.4M 'FDHD' floppy drives. If this will be a replacement drive, specify your Mac model when ordering.

older auto-eject 1.4Mb (2.0MB)floppy drive, older Sony '75W' drives. Used, cleaned and tested, $59 plus shipping.

External 1.4M floppy drives

An external floppy drive, is simply an internal floppy drive in an external case.

For the 1.4M floppy drives, the external drive model is G7287, 'Apple Superdrive' or 'Apple FDHD', (photo on left) in a 'manual eject' case with ridges from front to back, a manual eject button and LED. The same manual-eject case was relabled for use with 800K floppy drives. The 800K 'auto eject drive' case was a flat case with no eject button or LED. Apple apparently did not offer a 1.4M auto-eject cased drive. I offer to put a 1.4M floppy drive, in an 800K external case, manual or auto-eject. Let me know if that is satisfactory.

We price external 1.4M drives at the price of the 1.4M floppy drive, plus a price for the case and installation. All floppy drives are cleaned and lubricated and tested. Case prices depend on model of case and cosmetic condition. Cases in better cosmetic condition, or 'superdrive' cases, or in light grey/platinum color - may be scarce or unavailable and cost more. Consult 'cosmetic condition' information on my collectables Web page. Shipping wt. 5 lbs.

Mac Laptop drives, 1.44MB (not USB)

For floppy drives for Mac laptops, check my Mac Laptops accessory section.

800K floppy disk drives

The 800K drive (1.0MB) was only in the Macintosh 512KE, Plus, SE, and some Macintosh II-series systems.
If you look at the .SIDE of the floppy drive mechanism, you should see a RED or BLACK label: There's another lable on the bottom.
drives on left: BLACK lettered side lable MFD-51W, bottom MP-F51W (Apple part # 661-0305)
Apple documentation calls out another BLACK lable model, 51W-10.
drives on right: RED lettered side lable MFD-51W-03 or -10, bottom MP-F51W-03 or -10 (Apple part # 661-0345)

The BLACK labled 51W drive often appears inside Mac Plus computers; it's used with a red-striped cable. The RED labled 51W-03 or -10 drive often appears inside external 800K Apple floppy drives. If used inside a Mac, it's usedwith a yellow-striped cable. The label says '1MB' because the unformatted diskette capacity is 1 megabyte. The Mac formatted capacity is 800K. I've not determined if these two models of 800K drives operate differently. In my experience the 800K drives appear to be interchangable. Apple documentation states the drives and cables as I've described.

Brackets or carriers or sleds which hold the drive to the frame are sold separately, follow the link for details.

External 800K floppy drives

An Apple external floppy drive, is simply an internal floppy drive in an external case.

800K (1.0MB) external floppy drive: sold with cleaned and working drives. These came in two models:
A9M0106, labled 'Apple 3.5 Drive', case top (left image) has ridges, manual eject button and LED, has 'red nameplate' drive inside
AM0103, labled 'Apple 800K drive', case top is flat (right image), “auto-eject” drive with 'black nameplate' drive inside
-- external model A9M0106, 800K manual eject drive, ridged case, wt. 5 lbs.
-- external model AM0131, 800K auto eject drive, flat case, wt. 5 lbs.

Also, Apple sold a special 800k manual-eject external drive for the Apple II line, the 'Unidisk 3.5' Drive' (A2M2053). These area little scarce. I can't advise you about use of these drives.

We price external 800K Mac drives at the price of the internal 800K floppy drive, plus a price for the case and installation. Cases are described for the 1.4M drives. The external cases for the 1.4M drive and the 800K drive are the same buthave different model labels and numbers. The 800K case labels and numbers are listed above. All floppy drives are cleaned and lubricated and tested. Shipping weight for external drives is about 5 lbs.

Case prices depend on model of case and cosmetic condition. Cases in better cosmetic condition, as in a light grey/platinum color, cost more. The photo on the left shows two manual-eject cases. One is faded to yellow and shows a grey patch where a lable was removed andso the lable prevented fading. We have several in that condition at a lower price. The other is light grey and relatively unfaded; it will cost about $15-$20 more. For more information on cosmetic condition, consult 'cosmetic condition' information on my collectables Web page.

400K floppy disk drives

The 400K drive was only used in the 128K and early 512K Apple computers. Possibly the Lisa or Mac XL?
Here is a link to a photo of a 400K drive. There may be a model number on the drive itself, '661-76156'. These drives were also sold as EXTERNAL drives in a case. This drive is a rare and 'collectable' item for early Macs; it needs repair and cleaning before selling; and some parts for it are unavailable. Please look for prices and availability on my Mac collectables page.

Floppy drive carriers, brackets, metal frame

Floppy drives often are inside a a metal frame or carrier or bracket, a number is on the top. Some Mac floppy drives (and hard drives) are on a 'sled', a plastic flat piece; again, a number is stamped on these. Check my hard drive page for such sleds. Read below about metal frames and carriers.

Most Mac 1.44MB drives are in a carrier 805-0961. A few are in different carriers, with different model numbers, unique to one or a few Mac models. We sell the drives without these carriers. If you want a carrier, please specify the Mac model, the capacity of the drive (800K, 1.4MB, etc) and the number on the carrier.

1.4MB drive carrier 805-0961 is available for $10 plus shipping. We have many of these
LC model 1.44 drive carrier 805-5111 is very scarce, slightly different from 805-0961. Ask for details.
For plastic carriers, check my hard drive Web page.
Carriers for 800K and earlier drives vary by Mac model; prices depend on condition.
Osx install gcc.

3.5' cleaning diskettes

Unused old stock 3M brand Head Cleaning Diskettes for 3.5-inch floppy drives. Diskette with special cleaning material instead ofmagnetic media. Uses alcohol to clean the heads. PUt a little alcohol on the diskette. Put diskette in the drive, it runs, drive rejects. The head is cleaned. $7 for one cleaning diskette, I can't send alcohol through the mail, just go to the drug store and get 90% isopropyl alcohol (uncolored).

Floppy diskettes

New 1.4M Mac diskettes can still be bought at office supply stores, as PC/Windows formatted diskettes. You can reformat these for your Mac - reformat them orthe Mac will either use them as PC disks, or older Macs may insist on a reformat. We have some used and unused stock avaiable, but frankly you can get them cheaper elsewhere.

New/unused 800K and 400K Mac diskettes are not available from us currently.

Used 800K and 400K diskettes not available: we reserve these to provide software. An 800K diskette can be init-ed, formatted to 400K; some but not all 400K diskettes can be formatted to 800K.

IOMEGA ZIP disks are in my ZIP section of my drives page.

Logic cards, motherboards, CPU cards, ROMS

If you need a logic/CPU card/motherboard from a system Ihave for sale, ask for it! I often price motherboards on the same pages as their systems,so look there first. Prices will often be about half the price of a minimalsystem, but this varies: the fastest processor speed of a model series usually costs more. Check my Mac home pageto look for links to my Mac systems by model and type. Ask for details andprices but please NAME THE MAC MODEL AND SPEED (like PowerMac 9600/233).I have some UNUSED parts, check my unused parts list for specifics.

Programmer's switch or reset button, & power or startup button

Star Wars Episode 2

128K or 512K or Plus, tan or grey: see our collectables section
SE and SE/30: $19; some unused ones available at higher price, ask
Mac II models, large cabinet (II, IIfx, etc.): $20 as available, due to age
IIci, IIcx: $15 use, ask for unused
later models, ask and please specify your computer model.

The power switch on some Macs turns the Mac on and off. In some early Macs it is part of thepower supply, and so is sold with the power supply. In other Macs it's the button on the front which you press to start and shut down the Mac. Tell us the model of your Mac and we'll probably knowwhat to offer. Note: if your Mac does not power up, make sure your AC cord is OK and that you have AC powerwhere you plug in that cord. Also check your internal Mac PRAM batteryas some Macs will not power up unless the battery is good.

power supplies

For laptop 'A/C cords' or power supplies, check my Mac Laptops page. I have some UNUSED Apple parts, check my unused parts list for specifics.

128K/512K/Plus compatible analog or power supply cards, $69. Good HV supply, no arcing! shipping wt. 4 lbs
- analog cards in better condition or features as customer selects, if available will be higher cost
- we don't have the international version 110-220 VAC model but ask
SE, SE/30 'analog' (high voltage) AND switching DC power supply, $55. Good HV supply, no arcing! Ship. wt. 6 lbs.
Classic power supply, 10 lbs ship. wt, $49. - note: describe or photograph the connector from the CRT's 'yoke', there are two kinds of connector, see this note in progress for details.
Classic II power supply, $39, 10 lbs ship. wt.
Mac LC, LC II, LC III power supply, 699-0153, 5V at 3.25A, longer cable thansupply below. $45, shipping wt 1.5 lbs
Mac LC III, Quadra 605 power supply, 699-0003, 5V at 3.75A, slightly shorter cable than supply above. $39, shipping wt 1.5 lbs
Mac II, IIx power supply, 699-0389, Astec AA13780, Sony CR-45S. each $65. Ship wt 7 lbs.
Mac IIfx power supply, 699-0393, Apple labled probably. Ask for price and if available.
-- Same DC power as -0389, larger temperature controlled fan, less noise. Ship wt 7 lbs.
-- 'It is so much quieter than the power supply it replaced, and has made the IIfx much more enjoyable to use.' - customer
mac IIci, cx. 661-0467, 699-0392, Astec AA15830, lower current than PowerMac 7100. each $49. Ship wt. 6 lbs.
Mac IIsi power supply, *OUT* Ship wt. 4 lbs
Mac 620 and 630 systems (630, 31, 635, 636, 637, 638, 640) power supply, OUT Aug 2006
PowerMac 6100 series, Quadra 610 power supplies: $49 each. Ship Wt. 4 lbs
PowerMac 6200, 6300 series power supplies: 614-0037 $49 each. OUT Aug 2006
PowerMac 7100, Centris 650, IIvx, IIiv power supplies: 614-0009, Astec 16870. Higher current than IIci. $59 each. shipping weight 5 pounds
PowerMac 6400, 6500 power supplies: Apple number 614-0060
---Astec AA19360, Delta DPS-150GB. $49 plus shipping, ship wt. 10 lbs
PowerMac 7200, 7500, 7600 power supply: DPS-150GB A, 614-0039, 22 pin connector to motherboard
. $39 plus shipping, shipping wt 10 lbs.
PowerMac 7300 power supply: DPS-150GB E, 614-0069, 24 pin connector:
. $45 plus shipping, shipping wt. 10 lbs.
PowerMac 8100, Quadra 800 840av, power supply: 614-0012, 200 Watt. $59 plus shipping.
PowerMac 8100/100 power supply, 225 watt: 661-0228. $69 plus shipping.
PowerMac 8500, 9500 power supply: 614-0038, Delta model DPS-225AB Rev:B0, 22 pin female socket. $65 plus shipping.
PowerMac 8600, 9600, G3 tower: 614-0062, Delta model DPS-350FB A, $49 plus shipping, ship wt 10 lbs.
Beige/grey desktop G3 (233, 266, 300 MHz) power supply 614-0077, DPS-150GB H, 20-pin connector: $39 plus shipping.
iMac, B&W G3 and grey G4 power supplies: check my iMac G3 G4 Web page

For power supplies from other Mac systems, if I have the system I probablycan offer the power supply. You can always ask. Most of my parts stock are from G3 and EARLIERMac systems. Check my Mac home pagefor links to systems and see what systems I stock, from which I can offer power supplies.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

Mac PRAM batteries

(Any Mac laptop batteries would be in our Mac Laptops Web page.)

Your Mac computer uses an internal battery to provide power to what Apple calls the 'PRAM', and to run the date and time clock, even when your computer is turned off. PRAM holds data about your computer's basic features and setups. If your battery is dead, most Macs will not even power up! If your date and time are radically incorrect, that's a sign your PRAM battery is dead. Sometimes these batteries corrode and leak; check this if your Mac is several years old, and remove batteries from Macs that will be stored for years, ESPECIALLY IN HUMID CONDITIONS.

This is what the battery often looks like in your Mac. Most but the very oldest Macs use what is called a '1/2 AA' battery (see below for other Mac batteries). It's shorter than an AA battery, but with a voltage of 3.6 volts. If the voltage drops below about 3.2 volts, it's getting old: often they will read ZERO volts when they stop working. You can use a voltmeter to measure the voltage; if you remove it from your Mac you may have to 'reset your PRAM' afterward. As of 2005, it's harder to find these batteries in stores; some will charge up to $18 AND it may be a special-order item! Also, some models of this battery are TOO LONG by a few millimeters. We offer the correct sized battery.

For most Macs, there is also a battery cover which holds the battery in place. it's a plastic frame surrounding the battery which snaps out. Apple number 520-0344. It might break from age when you remove the battery. It's not essential but if you want one, it's $2 if you order with the battery, $4 otherwise.

Mac PRAM battery, 3.6V 1/2AA, most Macs. Part numbers TL-5101S TL-5101/S 742-0011 922-1262. Battery manufacturers have their own brand and part numbers. NEW stock, not used. As of Sept 2012, we have these in stock for $8 plus shipping. Minimum shipping charge for battery only is $4 by first class mail anywhere in the United States. We suggest you order with other items to save on shipping. Our stock on these may be intermittant so don't delay.Do NOT store your Mac with this battery in place, it will CORRODE and LEAK!

Mac PRAM battery for Mac Plus, 128K, 512K - 4.5 V AA 4.5 Volt, AA sized. Brands include Panasonic PX 21, Eveready 523, ANSI 1306AP, IEC 5LR50, NEDA 1306AP, Varta V21PX. We don't stock new ones due to low demand. Look for suppliers of these on the Web, and compare prices. For instance, here's one brand/model: Dantona® 4.5V/600mAh Alkaline Photo Battery, Model: TR133A. Any model that provides the correct voltage and is the correct size is adequate. Do NOT store your Mac with this battery in place, it will CORRODE and LEAK!

An alternative to the 4.5V AA battery may be a 3.6V AA Lithium battery. We have some old-stock unused 3.6Vbatteries by Tadiran, for $5 plus postage and packing - for USA customer only. We can't guarantee this for long-term use and we advise you remove PRAM batteries when storing your MacDo NOT store your Mac with this battery in place, it will CORRODE and LEAK!

Mac PRAM battery, square Some Mac systems use a square or rectangular 4.5V battery, with a short black and red cable which connects it to the motherboard. We don't stock this at this time; check with local computer stores, office supply stores, or electronic parts stores, and take it along so they can determine if they have a compatible battery. (Removing the battery from your Mac will erase the PRAM and stop the date/time clock: do this at your own risk.)Do NOT store your Mac with this battery in place, it will CORRODE and LEAK!

CRT's, picture tubes, video boards for 9-inch Macs

CRT's, picture tubes, for compact Macs

CRT & yoke for Classic or Classic II, revision A yoke connector or the revision B yoke connector. Click on the links to see the connector. Look at YOUR Classic or Classic II. $45. Shipping weight 6 lbs

Clinton vs Samsung CRTs: I came across this comment about old compact Mac CRT's: 'The Clinton [brand] CRTs have nothing wrong with them but they have no anti-glare coating, which makes staring at them in a bright area an eye-straining experience. The Samsung [brand] units, on the other hand, are anti-glare.'. I may charge more if you request a Samsung CRT, some Macs may allow a choice. Later compact Macs used Samsung only.

We don't offer CRT's or picture tubes for the large 'all in one' Macs, or for any Apple monitors. Too much work and risk and cost of shipping. Get one local to you and pick it up.

Video boards, 'CRT tube sockets' for Compact Macs

On the compact Macs (128K 512K Plus SE SE/30 Classic), there's a small video card or cable at the end of the CRT. That carries the 'video' into the CRT. We have these, as used pulls, for all those Macs. For instance, the Mac SE and SE/30 uses board with part-numbers 630-0169 and 820-0207; 630-0146 and 820-0205; Apple replacement part numbers are 982-0024. ON the 128K 512K Plus, it's just a socket on a cable. If you want one of these, please describe your Mac model and describe the part by part-number. I'll see what I can provide. I don't get many requests for these.


If you need a replacement case part for your Mac system, first check myMac home page and look for your system's Web page. Then see if I list parts there. Some case parts, including laptop parts, are listed with mynew or unused Mac parts. I may list some cases on those by-system Web pages.

I've generally found, I can't provide a 'compact Mac' case or other small Mac cases, at a price many customers hope for. Some seem to think, I have these 'laying around' and I can toss them in a box with cheep shipping. Here's some guidance about what it takes to provide a compact Mac case. And it likely applies to other Mac cases, you'll have to ask about a specific model.

If you are just looking for a price: My prices for compact Mac cases in any reasonable condition will start at $29, and a typical $30 shipping cost to most USA destinations (I'll determine your shipping cost). And: That won't buy a 128K or 512K case. And: more fuss, better condition, means higher price. And: you won't likely get my 'best case'. Look in our Mac collectables section to see if I have some there.

About condition:I show some Plus or SE cases by condition at this Web page.I likely won't bother to sell a case in the worst condition, or a busted up case. As I'll explain, for the fuss of it and your SAME cost of shipping, you should get something better than that. As for my 'best' cases, either I'll provide it on my Web pages, or I'll likely keep it to make a 'nice' system. Another complication: Many Mac models have very very fragile plastics. After 30, 40 years, the plastics lose flexibility and will shatter or snap off pieces with any stress. Some modelsare particularly fragile.

What I have to consider: It's always work to prepare and describe a case, even 'the worst' and especially 'the best'. And shipping costs of an empty case is not much less than shipping a complete Mac. And, best or worst, any of them can be damaged if packed poorly - so I pack them ALL well. So at some point, those wanting a case will ask themselves 'can I get a nonworking Mac cheaper than that, and get more parts too?' They often look on 'that auction Web site' for the lowest price. Unfortunately, their 'cheap parts' Mac sometimes arrives busted, due to poorly packed shipping. But: those low prices set my customer's expectations.

For G3 or G4 cases or case parts, check my iMac G3 G4 Web page. Again: for other models,look for my Web page which covers that model.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

external Mac cables, terminators

This section is for external cables: if you need internal cables, tell me what Mac modelyou have and what kind of cable you need. For external SCSI drive (hard drive, CD-ROM) cables and terminators,see the Mac hard drives cables section. Video cablesare in my monitors section. Internal laptop cables are inmy laptop section. Any Appletalk or Phonenet or items will be on our networking page.Technical information on modem cables may be found on my Mac modem page.

I also have some UNUSED parts, check my unused parts list for specifics.

cabling terminology


'AUI' or'AAUI' is a really small D-shaped networkconnector used on some old PowerMacs and Apple printers with Ethernet.

RJ-45' is the connector used for 10bT (twisted pair Ethernet)networking. It looks like a slightly larger version of the RJ-11 connector for Phonenet productsrunning Appletalk.

RJ-11 is the wired telephone connector used for modems and for PhoneNet. Older Mac computers and printers also use Appletalk networking, mostly with PhoneNet.

'DB-15' is a D-shaped 15-pin connector, like the Mac video connector: this is used for thickEthernet (thick coax cable). It has rows of 7 pins and 8 pins, 15 total, numbered on the pinned connector as shown.

'13W3' is a D-shaped connector for some Mac video. It has 2 rows of 5 pins, and one or three'coaxial' pins (large round), numbered on the pinned connector as shown.

The modem/printer female connector called 'miniDIN-8', is also connected to Appletalk/Phonenet and other adapters. miniDIN-8 cables have a male connector.

'DB-25' is a name for the 25-pin connector that many older Macs used for SCSI. In the serial world it is sometimes used for modems. The Apple Imagewriter (1) used it also. The DB-25 connectoris a D-shaped connector with two rows of pins, up to 25 pins total.

The Mac Plus, 128K and 512K used DB-9 connectors: this is D-shaped with two rows of 4 and 5 pins, 9 total.

Macs have used 'ADB' connectors for keyboards and mice since the Mac SE, and until USB; check thekeyboard section for ADB cables. (Cables for networks are described in our networking section.)

Mac video cables:

Please name monitor and videocard (or Mac model). Or name the Apple part number molded onto the cable ends. We have Apple branded DB-15 to DB-15 orDB-15 to 13W3 cables. We cannot guarantee your results with these cables; just connectinga Mac to a monitor doesn't guarantee you'll 'see a picture'.

Available Mac video cables include the following, we have others, ASK:
590-0621-A - 13W3 with ONE coax connector, to DB-15. weight 11 ounces, 6 foot long
590-0615-A - 13W3 with THREE coax connectors, to DB-15. weight 14 ounces, 6 foot long.
590-???? - DB-15 to DB-15.

VGA and Mac video adapters

The VERY oldest Macs andvideo cards (Mac IIci, IIcx, IIsi, II, LC) may simply not provide correct video signals forany VGA Windows-type or LCD monitor. We previously offered older Apple monitors for these systems in this linked section.Technical details of monitors are at this link. For later Macs, they can often use a VGA type monitor if you provide an adapter to connect your Mac's video signals to a VGA type connector. Here's a link to a LOT of explanation about these little adapters, and I also provide expanation below.

Here's a description of physical connectors used for video.The DB-15. is an older Apple video connector with a row of 8 pins and a row of 7 pins.
The HD-15 is a newer Apple and PC/Windows video connector with three rows of five pins, for VGA type monitors.
The HDI-45 is a video/audio connector for Apple's 6100 7100 and 8100 systems.

PowerMac systems (and some Quadra/Performa and older Mac systems)can operate with some 'PC Windows' superVGA (SVGA) CRT monitors and LCD monitors which have a 'VGA connector', if you provide a DB-15 male to HD-15 female (Mac to VGA) video connector adapter (with limitations). Also, many of the Mac 17', 19' and 21' monitors will work with Windows PCs with a DB-15 female to HD-15 male (Mac to superVGA) video connector adapter.

Here's a photo of typical Mac to VGA adapters. These simple adapters have a DB-15 connector for the Apple side, and a HD-15 (VGA) connector for the monitor or Windows system side.'Male' connectors have pins, 'female' connectors have sockets for the pins, my apologies forthis traditional description. Here's a link to MORE explanation about these little adapters.

We have an assortment of these adapters. Some have switches on them (in photo) to select multiple screen resolutions at startup, (800X600, 1000X1200, etc). Adapters are offered AS IS, in part because the ability to display at a resolution (horizontal and vertical frequencies) IS WITH THE MONITOR, NOT THE ADAPTER. Adapters with switches often have instructions are on the device.

Some adapters have NO switch settings (in photo), they provide ONE fixed screen resolution when you start up. Generally, you can control screen resolutionand scanning frequencies via the Mac operating-system Control Panel's 'monitors' settings. But not all Macs and notall Mac OS's will let you do this; and each Mac or video card has its own limits on screen resolutions.

PLEASE NOTE AGAIN: all these adapters do is provide 'rewriring' of the cable, they do notprovide any video signal conversion whatsoever! You are limited by whatever video your computer or monitor canprovide or accept. Generally, you can control screen resolutionand scanning frequencies via the computer's Control Panel's 'monitors' settings; monitors willadjust to these frequencies within their limits, or display nothing. VERY OLD VGA monitors cannotmake such adjustments and may be damaged by some scan rates. All use of these adapters aresold AS IS, we offer no warrenties or guarantees because of all these limitations. But we've sold a lotof these without complaints. Here's a link to MORE explanation about these little adapters.

Mac video & VGA adapters:

DB-15 male (to Mac computer video connector) to HD-15 female (to VGA LCD monitor cable) adapter, no switches, $12 plus shipping. These are all different, we can't select one with a specific 'resolution' for you.

DB-15 male to HD-15 female adapter with switches to 'set' video resolution, $19 plus shipping. There aremany kinds of these, we generally provide documentation about setting the switches.

HD-15 male (to PC/Windows computer video) to DB-15 female (to Mac/Apple monitor cable) adapter, 10$ plus shipping.

PowerMac high-density A/V video connector (HDI45-M) to Mac video (DB-15) cable or adapter, for PowerMac 6100, 7100, 8100: $19 plus shipping. If you want to connect thisto a VGA type monitor, add one of the Mac to VGA adapters above.

Video cables and adapters are listed and priced in this linked section.

Mac serial printer modem cables:

Apple System/Peripheral-8 M0197 Cable, in opened box. 590-0552-A cable.

Apple IIe Modem-8 cable, A2C0132, in sealed box. 942-1551-A

mini-DIN-8 to DB-9 cables and adapters:
male mini-din-8 to female DB-9, short cable 590-0553 (grey) $15 or 590-0341 (tan) $10, same wiring
male mini-din8 to female DB-9, longer cable, $15
male mini-din8 to male DB-9, very short cable. $10. longer cable, $15.
If you want an original Apple cable, check our Mac collectables page for more info.

Mac 128K/512K (DB-9) to Imagewriter I (DB-25) ORIGINAL APPLE cable 590-0169. Check our Mac collectables page for details and price.
Mac 128K/512K (DB-9) to modem (DB-25), non-Apple manufactured, lengths as available, $10 each.
To use with a printer like the Imagewriter I, you may need a DB-25 null adapter, $10.

power cords, AC cords for Apples in the USA. $1 each only with other purchases, not sold seperately.These AC cords are very common and used for many non-Apple computers, so they are onlyavailable if you are buying something else. If you want an original earlyApple A/C cord, check our Mac collectables page.

Internal cables for hard drive, floppy, power: Ask! be specific, tell me your Mac model, andwhat the cable is used for. More information is better.

Any Appletalk or Phonenet or Ethernet or items will be on our networking page.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

Keyboards and mouse for Plus, 128K, 512K

If you are looking for individual keyswitches to repair these keyboards,check this Web page which shows details of keyswitches

ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) Keyboards, mouse, trackballs, cables

Apple Desktop Bus or ADB keyboards and mice are usable on almost all Macs, from the SE to PowerMacs to early G3's (except the Mac Plus, 512K, 128K). The cable and connector is what Apple called the ADB port: the small connector with four wire pinsand a small plastic pin near the center. Use the images, keyboard name, orkeyboard model number to select which keyboard you wish. You may need to order an ADB keyboard cable, if it's not part of the keyboard.

If you are looking for individual keyswitches to repair these keyboards,check this Web page which shows details of keyswitches

Cosmetic condition

Apple Macs and products from the 1980's and 90's are often faded from their original grey to dark grey to yellowed. We have a detailed description of cosmetic condition and fading at my 'collectable Mac' Web page. All keyboards and mice are sold tested and working. 'excellent or Minimal fading' means almost original light grey platinum. 'Good' means slight or modest but uniform fading, not yellowing, a darkening of the grey color. We generally don't offer keyboard and mice with pale color patches from old lables. or with excessive yellowing.

ADB mice and related

Mouse shipping weight about 1 lbs. Cosemtic conditions are described at this link. These ADB and ADB II mice are sold tested and working, with sliders underneath intact. That's a lot of work and cleaning. I don't sell very cosmetically or physically damaged mice.

ADB 'square' mouse, model G5431 or A9M0331 or other mice of the same size and shape.
Price varies depending on cosmetic condition: all of them are physically intact, tested
-- $no! very yellowed/faded/patchy color mice and physically damaged mice are not for sale.
-- $29 dark grey or slightly yellowed, uniform color
-- $39 and up for ADB mice with less or little fading. If you ask for 'best', price starts at $49 and goes up!
-- If you need a specific model by number, let us know; price may be higher accordingly.

ADB II 'teardrop' mouse, model 2706 661-0104 or similar
Price varies depending on cosmetic condition: all of them are physically intact, tested
-- $no! very yellowed/faded/patchy mice and physically damaged mice are not for sale
-- $19 faded to dark grey but not strongly yellowed, uniform color.
-- $35 and up for ADB mice with less or little fading. if you ask for 'best', price starts at $49 and goes up!
-- If you need a specific model by number, let us know; price may be higher accordingly.

Non-Apple brand ADB mice, good cosmetics. One button $15, two/three button $25. Not many available.

For other pointing devices - trackball, pads, three-button mice, etc. - see our collectables Web page.

ADB keyboards

'I want the keyboard and mouse that goes with the [some model] Mac.' I get this question all the time, but there's not a 'list' of keyboards by Mac model. I give up - here's my guess from looking at pictures of old Macs - no guarantees, you make the final choice.

128K, 512K, Plus - not ADB Macs.
Apple II GS - ADB Square mouse, Apple Desktop Keyboard A9M0330 or 658-4081
Mac SE, SE FDHD, SE/30, Mac II - ADB 'square' mouse, Apple Keyboard M0116
Mac Classic, Classic II, Color Classic, LC - ADB II 'teardrop' mouse, Apple Keyboard II model M0487
Apple Extended Keyboard M0115 and Apple Extended Keyboard II M3501 were sold as options
Apple Design Keyboard model M2980 were probably sold with later 68K and Power PC Macs

Please note the following about buying keyboards: All keyboards are tested before sale,all keys checked and repaired if not working. Keyboard prices depend on COSMETIC condition; photos may be of best-condition keyboards, look at the text description for condition and price. Better-condition keyboards at higher prices may be available. Ask about those or check the collectables page. We will charge more, if you request specific features, cosmetic condition, etc. Keyboard SHIPPING costs are more than most packages, because the boxes are unusually long for their weight. Also: many of these keyboards are desired just for theirremovable keyswitches; that sets a minimum price.

ADB keyboards are listed below. Click on the links to see photos.

  • Apple Keyboard M0116, 661-0383. w/cable. limited number, minimum price $49 for yellowed keyboard, a few in faded grey condition for $69, 'best' costs more. photo of backs 4 pounds weight.
  • Apple Extended Keyboard M0115 661-0384 (not adjustable angle). good uniform color, OUT. 6 pounds weight
  • Apple Extended Keyboard II M3501 661-0543 (adjustable angle), good cosmetic condition, $49; better condition at higher price. wt. 6 lbs.
  • Apple Keyboard II model M0487, 661-0603, *faded/yellowed only*, $45; ask if better available. weight 4 lbs.
  • Apple Design Keyboard model M2980, 661-0310, cable built in. In faded/yellowed condition but uniform color, $35; ask for price in better cosmetic condition.

The Apple Desktop Keyboard for the IIgs, the first ADB keyboard, came in three versions, with different keyswitches identified by color of keystem. The A9M0330 made in Tiawan has a white keystem. The A9M0330 from Japan has a salmon (pink) stem. The 658-4081 made in Japan has a red stem. These are desirable due to size and quality of keyswitches. Lower price for Tiawan/A9M0330 models; higher prices for 'made in Japan' models, and for better condition. Ask what I have available in these specific models and state desired condition. As of Oct 2020 I only have ONE 658-4081/Japan model, the rest are A9M0330/Tiawan models.

If you are looking for individual keyswitches to repair these keyboards,check this Web page which shows details of keyswitches. I may offer used or unused keyswitches.

Non-Apple branded ADB keyboards may be available for $19 each generally in good cosmeticand working condition.

ADB cables

Here's some images of ADB cables. Note there are two lengths of ADB coiled cables for keyboards, and there's an uncoiled ADB cable. See the above description of ADB, it's a connector with four pins and a small plastic 'key' for Apple keyboards and mice. Apple part numbers below are molded on the cables, there may be other numbers for similar cables. Some lengths may vary, specify an unstretched length to get a specific length at extra cost.

ADB coiled keyboard cable, SHORT straight end about one foot long, 590-0616-A, $10
ADB coiled keyboard cable, LONG straight end three or more foot long, 590-0152-A $15
ADB NON-coiled cable, about 3 or 4 feet long, 590-0541-B $15

USB Keyboards, mouse, trackballs, cables

MacAlly brand iKey, USB keyboard. Large keyboard forMacs from the 1990's or so. Translucent cover. Used, tested and working - these are $19 plus shipping in working condition but faded/scratched, $29 for nicer condition.

Apple A1048 model white USB keyboard. As sold with Macs, year 2002 with USB 1.1, not sure I have USB 2.0 models. Used, tested and working.

Apple USB keyboard, M2452 model. As sold with Macs around 1998. Various colors available, cheapest is graphite/black. Used, tested and working.

Apple Pro M7803 model USB keyboard. As sold with Macs, around year 2000. Black keys (ask about white). Used, tested and working.

USB mice for Macs

I have some, various Apple models and cosmetics. I don't think I can sell these cheaper than [auction site] does, so ask for one of these to buy with a matching keyboard, if I have one that helps both of us.

Laptop keyboards

See my Mac Laptop accessories section for laptop keyboards and for external Numeric Keypads.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

Mac fans

Fans inside the power supply are a bit tricky, I'd rather justsell the power supply, and we have those.Kensington fan:Kensington fans for the 128K, 512K, Plus and SE. These are inserted inthe handle atop the Mac. They also provide an AC power switch and anAC outlet for your external drive or printer. Classic add-on to coolyour compact Mac! Hard to find today.
for 128k/512K/Plus, $55 each.
G3 or G4 fans: check my iMac G3 G4 Web page

Mac carrying bags

Mac Monitors

INTRODUCTION, please read: Old Mac computers which used external monitors, can be divided into 'not VGA compatible computers' and 'VGA compatible'. It depends onhow old those Mac computers are. Those Macs with 'VGA compatible' video, can be operated with non-Apple VGA-type monitors, with a simple'Mac to VGA' adapter, which simply rewires the Apple DB-15 video connector to the VGA type HD-15 connector. I'll explain in technical notes which describe connectors and their wiring, and video signals. I'm sorry this is complicated, but this is about using 1980's and 90's computers in the 21st century.

Here's a typical older Apple monitor. Some early Macs like the Mac II, IIsi, IIci, LC, used small Apple brand monitors, 12' or 13' or 14' or 15' (diagonal measure). These monitors cannot be replacedwith VGA type (Windows computer) CRT monitors or old LCD type monitors, becausethe oldest Apple Mac's video scanning frequencies (horizontal and vertical frequencies) are NOT COMPATIBLE with frequencies available from VGA-type monitors.

Later Macs used video scanning frequencies, which were also supported by the VGA type monitors sold with IBM and Windowscomputers. Apple also made 14-inch and 15-inch 'multiple scan' monitors which support both VGA type frequencies as well as the older Apple video frequencies. Some older Macs could use both kinds of monitors. And, some older Macs only use VGA and LCDtype computer monitors.

Some old Macs used 'video cards', which were either NuBus or LC slot or PDS slot. Those describe a kind of standard connection scheme for computer cards; some of those cards supported video. See if your Mac uses video cards, you may have more choices. Check my Web page for Apple cards for possibilities.

More monitor technical information follows the listings below. A list of Apple monitor modelsand specifications of frequencies is at this link.

We don't sell VGA-type or late model Apple monitors. We keep a small stock of the earliest non-VGA Apple monitors,as listed below; but they are too old and fragile to ship. They are fragile, because of decades of operation; they produce highvoltages which create ozone which busts plastics; UV light also busts plastics; and so does heat. Also, electronics fail with time.I'm sorry, these were not built to last 30 years. Please consider this information, if you choose to buy and ship an old Apple monitor.

Instead we offer some Mac DB-15 to VGA HD-15 adapters, so VGA-type (Windows-system) monitors can be used with some older Macs as noted above. Follow the Web link for information about these 'adapters', which are simply wires to rewire connections. They are not 'magic' to convert video from one frequency to another.

We also offer some Apple video cables with various connectors.We only have a few of these monitors left. I list them for reference, most are not for sale, they will bust if shipped.
Contact us if you have a very old Mac which cannot use modern CRT or LCD monitors, but look at the resources I've described above first.I have a list of Apple II monitors I have on this linked Web page, they are less fragile.

Here's brief model descriptions for early Apple monitors for Macs.
Apple 12-inch monochrome Display monitor. Small, non-VGA, DB-15.
Apple multiple scan 14 inch monitor 14', DB-15
Apple Color Plus 14 Inch display 14' monitors, non VGA, DB-15, model M2346LL/A.
Apple Multiple scan 15 Inch display 15' monitor model, DB-15.
Apple Multiple scan AV 15 Inch display 15' monitor w/speakers, DB-15.
Shipping weight for 15' and 14' monitors is about 35 lbs, but some weigh more. 12' monitors shipping wt about 20 lbs.

Mac video monitor cables: are listed above.Other video cables may be available, ask! Monitor details are below.

Mac video to VGA adapters are described and priced at this link.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

Monitor Technical Details

For general remarks on Apple monitors, see the remarks above our listings and prices. PowerMac systems (and some earlier Macs or Apple video cards for them).can generally operate with superVGA (SVGA) monitors with a DB-15 male to HD-15 female(Mac to superVGA) video connector adapter but with limitations, as we describe below.

A list of Apple monitor models and specifications of frequencies is at this link. Also look at my info file on monitors for scanning (horizontal, vertical) frequencies. For video cards, see the see our Web page on cards and look for NuBus, PCI, or other video cards to match your system. An Apple Tech Note on monitor and VGA connections is provided on this Web page.

Many of the Apple 17', 19' and 21' monitors will work withWindows PCs if you use a DB-15 male to HD-15 female (Mac to superVGA) video connector adapter. Some Apple monitors already come with a HD-15 VGA connector. Check above for prices, below for details.

PowerMac 6100, 7100, 8100 systems provide video on high-density A/V video connector (HDI45-M). An adapter cable from that HDI45 connector to a DB-15 connector lets you use standard Apple monitors. Add anotheradapter, from DB-15 to HD-15, to connect to some VGA monitors. Both adapters are offered above. Details onthe DB-15 to HD-15 (Mac to VGA) adapter are below.

Mac 'Portrait Monitor' monitor and video cards use a 13W3 connector. The 13W3 has one or three large coaxial (round) connector pins and several small pins. Prices for cablesare listed above. Video cards for these monitors are listed on my Mac cards page.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

Miscelaneous parts and items

SCSI scanners

AGFA SnapScan 1236 - flatbed scanner with SCSI interface. With CD's for Mac and PC software (Windows 98, System 7). Ask for details

I might have an Apple brand flatbed scanner, it's SCSI also. No docs.

rubber, plastic feet for Macs

Due to numerous requests, I offer 'feet' for the various Macs. Most of them, are the rubber pads underneath various early Mac models. Some Macs used brittle plastic assemblies. Tell me the Mac model you want feet for. This photo shows some typical rubber feet for the IIci, IIcx, II, etc. Plastic handles and feet for the G3, G4, etc. are listed as 'handle parts' on my Mac G3 G4 G5 Web page. Check my other Macs by model Web pages for parts like handles or feet.

The flexible rubbery feet come in different shapes. The plastic feet may be brittle from age. My supplies are limited, but I may have unused old Apple Service parts. Prices depend on what I have available and condition, and how much fuss I have to go to for them; as I have to clean and manage these for sale.

Torx drivers

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

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