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I was recently sent Daniel Solin’s new book The Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read for review. I enjoyed the book and it only took me a few hours to get through.

This book will change the way you invest.and it's about time! If your main concern is getting the most out of your money without sacrificing financial security, Dan Solin tells you how to take control of your finances and end up in the top 5% of all professionally managed money. I just finished a great little book (I say little because it's a bit smaller than a regular book in size and is only 150 pages), but it's full of great investment advice, principles, data, facts, studies -you name it. The book is The Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Read: The Simple, Stress-Free Way to Reach Your Investment Goals. “the book challenges some basic assumptions about traditional retirement plans to reveal that: 401(k) and 403(b) plans are laden with Porky Pig fees, poor investment choices, and conflicts of interest. There is a simple way to make the smartest choices in these plans — and this book shows you exactly what to do and which funds to avoid. ' The Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Read will provide the enlightenment and gumption to free yourself from the clutches of the investment industry and the wisdom and direction necessary to get yourself back on track.' -William Bernstein, author of A Splendid Exchange and The Four Pillars of Investing Every day you wait costs you money.

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Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Read
AuthorDaniel Solin
PublisherPerigee Trade
November 7, 2006
Pages192 pages

In Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Read (sub-titled: The Simple, Stress-Free Way to Reach Your Investment Goals) Daniel Solin presents a quick and easy introduction to Boglehead investing fundamentals. The book sticks to basics and simplicity and makes a strong case that new readers can easily understand. Recommended for that certain someone you are trying to introduce to smart investing ideas.

About the author

Daniel Solin is a leading arbitration lawyer and principal in Academic Wealth Management, LLP, a Registered Investment Advisor. He is author of two other books; Does Your Broker Owe You Money, and The Smartest 401(k) Book You’ll Ever Read.


The Smartest Investment Book You' Ll Ever Read Pdf Free Download Free

The Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read is an excellent first book for those who want the simple facts without the intrusion of lots of charts and analytical data. The little book, with 5-1/2X8 page formatting, contains 138 pages of text subdivided into four parts and 43 very short chapters. There is an additional chapter which contains all the reference sources, but you don’t know it’s there until you finish the book. There is also an asset allocation questionnaire included, which can also be found online at link.

The lack of reference notation is at first disconcerting, but for those who are brand new to investing and tend to get bogged down by a technical layout, this approach is probably a good idea.

The first third of the book seemed pretty repetitive as Solin banged away at what he calls hyper-active investing from every angle. First time readers may benefit more from this as the realities of hyper-active investing sink in. The book moves on to the other mainstays of smart investing including risk, volatility, diversification, market noise and the media, support for indexing, and finally the four step process:

  1. Decide on an Asset Allocation—questionnaire included.
  2. Open an account with one of the suggested fund families: Vanguard, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price.
  3. Invest in a simple portfolio, which is basically Taylor Larimore’s thrifty three: Total stock market, total international, and total bond.
  4. Rebalance.


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Readers' comments


I'm less impressed by this book. Basically another person 'discovered' indexing. There's very little fresh content. It feels to me just repackaging of what others have said all along. It has a different presentation style. This small book (177 pages) is divided into 44 chapters and two appendices. The longest 'chapter' is 4 pages. The shortest 'chapter' is just half of a page. Good for readers with short attention spans.

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