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Todoist is one of the world’s most popular to-do list applications and flooded with powerful features for managing your tasks but also your sanity.

Task Management in Notion YouTube Tutorial. We all have things we want to get done. Having a task management system that you can completely customize to fit your needs and the way you work is the ideal task management solution. Timely can automatically track the time you spend on Todoist tasks. Simply connect your Todoist account with Timely and accept the permissions. Review your Todoist time tracker activity Timely can automatically track the time you spend on Todoist tasks.

Any Todoist task with a date and time will automatically show up as an event in your new Todoist calendar. Any task with a date but no time will show up as a day-long event. During your weekly review, give each task you want to accomplish a date and/or start time by typing something like “Monday at noon” or “Every Friday at 9am” into the task field. Todoist now also integrates with all your favorite apps so you can track your time, share files, and block time off your calendar right from Todoist. IOS Android Remember the Milk.

You've probably experience overdue tasks at least a couple of times.

The truth is that we all usually over-estimate what we can do in a day, assigning too many tasks in our daily to-do list and getting overwhelmed as an outcome. This can lead us to feel guilty, anxious and, consequently, uninspired.

This is where Todoist built-in Smart Schedule comes in handy.

What is Todoist Smart Schedule?

Todoist Smart Schedule feature uses predictive modelling to help you plan your tasks in advance. Pretty smart huh!?


The scheduling function learns from your personal productive habits and considering, at the same time, the behaviour of all Todoist users, in order to predict the best time to schedule your own tasks.

According to the official article on the Doist blog, Smart Schedule takes into account the following task and life attributes:

  • Your Habits

  • Task Urgency

  • Workdays vs. Weekends

  • Upcoming Tasks

  • Your Daily and Weekly Goals

  • And more…


rescheduling multiple tasks

In order to schedule (or reschedule) multiple tasks at once, you just have to select them CTRL (Windows) or CMD (macOS) + SHIFT and click Schedule in the menu at the top.

Then click Smart Schedule and see the suggested due dates and then click Update. Gd element. You can also edit the suggested due date for each task if it doesn't suit your needs.

Rescheduling a single task

The process to reschedule a single task is even easier.

Just go over your task, click on the date field, then from the drop down menu click the suggested date shortcut and it will be automatically saved.

when and why to use it

As you can see Todoist Smart Schedule is very easy to use and you can also customize it according to your own need.

It can be useful to easily reschedule overdue tasks or simply when unexpected circumstances would bring you away from your work (think an unexpecting meeting, for example, or even a job trip) as well as to prepare yourself to leave for vacation, you could reschedule in bulk a bunch of tasks for when you’ll be back to work.

Let’s also not forget those days when you wake up and you feel like you just can’t do it! Whether postponing your work is not often a suggested option, there are some exceptions when it can be actually recommended in order to clear your mind and regain focus.

Setting a realistic schedule for your tasks can be a tricky thing. Using a tool like Smart Schedule can help you to optimize your time planning the day and week to come.

Additional Resources

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