Why Is Zimos Voice Auto Tunedgeekstree

The character of Zimos, an aged pimp who can only speak with an auto-tune voice box (again, the early 2010s) is often the main offender. At one point, Zimos will lead you into a mission that has your player character sold off as a sex slave, fighting their way out of a brothel while completely buck naked.

We all got off making sure nobody else is coming, then I turned to Zimos, handing him his voice maker. 'Hey, sorry youhad to carry us around like that man,' I said. 'This is a rescue, right?' He asked in a auto tune voice,'This ain't a setup for an elaborate gang bang,'. Zimos has had a tracheostomy. The golden mic has an electronic voice box with Autotune installed. However, it's somewhat treated as a joke because according to the homie conversation between him and Kinzie, the microphone works regardless of where he holds it. If you summon him as a homie, he doesn't even have the microphone and uses a shotgun.

Why Is Zimos Voice Auto Tunedgeekstree

In Saints Row: The Third, there was going to be an eighth voice option which was fully auto tuned, similar to Zimos, but it was later removed from the game while still in development. 2 The Zombie voice option in Saints Row: The Third has a total of 12 different subtitle lines: Babbles, Garbled, Gargles, Groans, Growls, Grumbles, Grunts. Why Is Zimos Voice Auto Tuned Free To say that Katherine Somers—known to most people as Boss Kat, leader of the 3rd Street Saints gang—was upset would have been putting it mildly. It had started with Shaundi's pissed off phone call about Pierce throwing a party at the penthouse.

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  • Kieran D Michael

    If I spoke only in autotune, I'd become just like everyone in the music industry, and I'd sing songs and make money with my autotune voice

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    • Zach

      If you autotuned an already autotuned voice, would it get even more robotic, or would it go back to normal?

    • Kendall Walls

      nothing would happen because it would already be perfectly tuned unless of course you tuned it the second time in a different key which would be interesting i guess

    • Emma Campbell

      AAAAAAAAAAGHHH MY BRAIN! vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    • Alvo Razzi

      Why would you auto-tune your voice if it's already auto-tuned? ftw

    • Brandon


    • Demolition Man

      @Zach You have asked the ultimate question of life.

    • Jonas

      T Pain!

    • PaperlessPaper

      @ Kieran D I totally agree

    • Magic

      Why not both? Grandma voice with roboticness in it

    • Gabriel

      You must be so fun and cool

    • John Evans

      You'd be like that Black Pimp in Saints Row 3 I forgot his name his voice is hilarious.

    • John Evans

      You'd be like that Black Pimp in Saints Row 3 I forgot his name his voice is hilarious.

    • John Evans

      You'd be like that Black Pimp in Saints Row 3 I forgot his name his voice is hilarious.

    • Brian Dasilva

      never sayed how i had to autotune it(morgan freeman's voice)

    • Glaceon999

      Nobody said how autotuned..

    • Nile

      I'd be t pain

    • Pandafaceon


    • SethTheWarrior24

      i agree i could make money & give it to charity

  • Gage Lamb


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    • .Mikayla.

      I thought if the exact same thing! :D SR3 ftw!

    • Anny

      Those floors were a bit sticky, if you know what I mean..

    • mrahhhh

      Oh my god me too.

    • mrahhhh

      ' quit being a little bitch and get in the van'

    • mrahhhh

      ' quit being a little bitch and get in the van'

    • Mr Spoon

      Thats exactly what I was going to say gage lamb. :D

    • [deleted]

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • lilzaratata

      You took the answer right outta my mouth

    • Jack Whelan

      Yes, so much win!

    • Karza

      If you didn't just bust me out I'd be walking the other way.

  • Marco Quello Della L


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    • tyler

      That's gay bro. how did you meet him though?

  • Batman

    I would sound like Glad0s. Awesome.

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  • Serj

    That would be AWESOME

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  • FreakingLoser


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    • ixToxic


  • Autumn

    'This is a rescue right? This ain't some elaborate setup for a gang bang?'

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    • lilzaratata


  • Samantha Briannezi


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    • Hammerlordster


    • Dominik Bröder

      or Zimos from Saints row the third

  • ultranewt

    'how do you sing like that? well, remember when i swallowed that tiny computer'

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  • Kim Malika

    Now all I need left is a disguise..

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  • auburnstar

    I'd rather talk like a grandma than be a conglomerate.. Besides, great music never has and never will be autotuned.

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    • wolf


    • wolf

      Andy isnt autotuned

    • milkshake8910


  • Landorkus

    I'm GLaDOS.

    Agree· Reply
  • Bobby Melehes

    T pain!

    Agree· Reply
  • David


    Agree· Reply
  • Rhys Wiegold

    Omg loads of u dis the voice which os hilairios bieng chased by a old lady

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  • Max Hargreaves


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  • Vinicius Vasconi

    Actually, I think i would like it

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  • taniya4429

    I'm zimos

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  • dragonbreath5780

    talking in a stereotypical grandma voice would be HILARIOUS

    Agree· Reply
  • Timmy


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    • Timmy

      I agree

  • WolfGirlKate

    Grandma voice?? Ain't nobody got time for that!

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  • Gohon

    I Would Enjoy It I would Believe

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  • Marcus Swisscheese W

    Anybody who chooses the granny voice obviously takes stuff too seriously.

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  • ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)

    Talking like a grandma would be epic. And when nobody can see my face even better!

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  • Pineapple Queen

    *Speaks like Fandroid* 'NO WAY I am a robot!' Tom petty torrent discography site.

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  • Rotepter

    What if the autotune was so low that nobody would tell the difference?

    Agree· Reply

    I say only saints row 3

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  • Michael Peterson

    I waTCHed JAcksEPTICEYE And i knEW, AUTOtune was the winner

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  • ACGaming43

    I feel as though if I had a grandma voice I would sound really sassy and get away with hitting people with a purse. XD

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  • Ruby Rose

    Talking in auto tune would be so cool

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  • [deleted]


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  • Mango

    If I became a Vocaloid IRL...MAN WOULD THAT BE AMAZING!

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    • lilzaratata


  • vwert

    My voice already sounds like its not human (i have a really deep monotone voice)

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  • vwert

    My voice already sounds like its not human (i have a really deep monotone voice)

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  • Haydn Brumley Banks

    I was doing this in my car and I went over a speedbump so I clicked grandma voice I meant autotuned that would sound sick

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    • Llama

      I answered just so I can tell you not to use the internet while driving. Give your full attention to the road so you don't wreck. The internet can wait.

  • [deleted]


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  • AlfieWattis

    Red would just be embarrassing

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  • StoopidPotatoSecks

    I will be FINN THE HUMAN!!!

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  • Anonymous69

    Read blue comments as auto-tuned and red as grandma voice

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  • Brosif

    Dick figures XD

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  • CellGirl

    I'm Glad0s!! Wait.. crap.. i'm gonna die by the hands of my own test subject!!! Hmm.. might as well flood the place with Neurotoxin!

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    • lilla


  • Piers Geenty

    i'll get all the bitches with the money that i'm making from my voice

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  • Brandon Lee


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  • icemanjuice


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  • Alex Ross

    I'll be like Kesha.

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  • Maze

    I like how autotune was blue et the only thing on my mind was Red from Dick Figures lol

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  • Jishushika White

    Eventually my voice would become the default voice of robots everywhere..

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  • annus

    i will be the next t pain

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  • Mapela

    you have to choose blue

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  • KedamaFox

    zimos anyone?

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'Ready-to-use' Sound Projects and Sound Loading Devices

  • A sound project is always loaded into the flash memory of a ZIMO sound decoder. The project is a file that is composed of the sound sample files for each feature of the vehicle, as well as the instructions on how to play the files in the form of flow charts and the configuration data in the form of a CV list (volume, load dependencies, link between function and sound keys, random number generators, switch inputs, etc.).
  • Freshly-delivered ZIMO Sound Decoders usually contain by default (except for special orders), a 'Sound Collection' (a special type of sound project, see below). This preloaded sound collection can always be replaced by one of the 'Ready-to-use Sound Projects' (.zpp Files) from the Sound Database or by a Sound Project created by the user.
  • NOTE: A 'Full Featured' Sound Project as a .zip file exists for some, but not all entries in the Sound Database (usually the Free Sound Projects). These are not loaded directly into the decoder, but with the help of ZSP (ZIMO Sound Programmer) unpacked and processed. Within ZSP, assignments and settings can be made; sound samples can also be taken for external processing or exchanged for others; thus your own or highly individualized sound projects can be created. The result is again a .zpp file for loading into the decoder.
  • The 'Ready-to-use project' (.zpp file) is loaded into the decoder, after downloading it from the Sound Database using one of the following ZIMO products:
    - MXULFA (current decoder update device); see description of MXULF (A)
    - MXDECUP (old decoder update device)
    - MX31ZL ('System Cab' old-generation system)
    - Z21 (ROCO command station)
    - in future MX10 (current ZIMO command station)
    The data transfer from the computer to each device works via USB stick or online via USB cable.

The ZIMO Speciality - 'Sound Collection'

  • ZIMO sound decoders usually are delivered with the 'European Steam/Diesel Collection' sound collection. This includes sound samples and CV parameters for several types of vehicles (in the case of 'European Collection', 4 steam and 1 diesel), these are included in the flash memory of the sound decoder. Through a selection CV (# 265), set by the controller, it is decided which sound (which locomotive) will actually be heard while driving the vehicle.
  • However, the user has the freedom to create the sound of a locomotive to his or her taste. The user can, for example, use one of the five existing chuff sets (for steam locos) in the collection, with any of the loaded whistles (or with several of them combined) and with each of the other noises and functional sounds. This is the purpose of the so-called 'CV #300 procedure' which, while listening to the sounds, allows the selection of various bells, air pumps, coal shovelling, oil burner, brake squeal sounds etc.
  • Even normal sound projects ('normal' = for a specific locomotive, so no collection in the above sense), can exhibit properties of 'Sound Collections', for example having multiple whistles available for selection. This is a useful option if, for example, several locomotives of the same type are to be acoustically distinguishable.

Free and Chargeable Sound Projects

ZIMO tries to cover the greatest possible number of model locomotives by appropriate sound projects, and offers especially high quality. The obvious way, to try to develop all sound projects by ZIMO itself, is not possible (due to limited resources) and ZIMO cannot supply the world-wide market in model locomotives, therefore a network of so-called 'Sound Providers' has emerged. These 'Sound Providers'are user independent sound authors with their own specialty and expertise with good contacts and cooperation with ZIMO. Therefore there are sound projects of various kinds in the Sound Database.

Among the sound projects available in the ZIMO Sound Database, there is a distinction between them shown by color coding green - blue - red :-

  • 'Free D’load' (= free download) Sound Projects (partly coming from ZIMO itself, including some from Roco): These sound projects can be downloaded without cost, and loaded into any ZIMO Sound Decoder. On request, a specific sound project can be loaded, by ZIMO or a dealer, into a new or into an existing ZIMO sound decoder. Usually a small loading fee is charged (in the UK called a 're-blow' fee).
  • 'Coded' (= chargeable) Sound-Projects - coming from external 'Sound Providers' *)
    The 'Coded Sound Projects' are contributed by external ZIMO partners (the 'Sound Providers'), who are rewarded through the sale of 'Load Codes'. The sound projects themselves can be downloaded for free from the ZIMO Sound Database, however, these can be played in the decoder only if the correct load code is registered in certain CV values. There is a small fee (in the range from 15.00 to 25.00 euros, see price list) to have the load code registered at the factory or this can be done by the user, after a payment of the same fee, and the load code can be written into the CV values (CV #260, #261, #262, #263).
  • 'Preloaded Sound Projects' are exclusively installed in decoders by retailers or vehicle manufacturers and made available, sometimes they are already installed in the vehicle. These special decoders are usually not delivered by ZIMO itself, but by the respective vehicle manufacturers and dealers, which are also responsible for the prices. In the ZIMO Sound Database, these sound projects are listed but not available for download. A link to each manufacturer or retailer website provides a way to obtain the decoder or vehicle with the sound project preloaded.

Saints Row The Third - Does Zimos Have Throat Cancer? - Arqade

*) Each sound decoder has a unique Decoder ID (4 numbers, which can be read - but not written - from CVs # 250-253 each with values 0 - 255). Against this decoder ID, ZIMO or an authorized partner (including the sound-provider) can provide the user with a Load Code (after payment of the fee), valid for a particular bundle of sound projects (e.g. 'RhB Heinz Däppen'). This load code can only be used in the decoder with the specified decoder ID.


The load code is written into the decoder, either directly in the CVs #260-263, or by a special procedure in MXULF, or by the 'ZIMO CV Setting' (ZCS) program. After that, the decoder is capable of playing all sound projects of the relevant Bundle (e.g. every RhB Sounds of Heinz Däppen).

Saints Row: The Third (Video Game) - TV Tropes

The actual loading of a 'coded' sound project, which needs a 'Load Code' to play, takes place in the same way as a free ZIMO sound project. This is an encrypted data transfer. The loading of new versions or other projects from the bundle is always possible.