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全書使用最新Xcode12 / Swift 5.x語法講解說明。 簡單、容易上手、一步步跟著做,有如專家從旁親自指導!

  • Trying to get a large (and working on Xcode 11!) project building in Xcode 12 (beta 5) to prep for iOS 14. Codebase was previously Obj-C, but now contains both Obj-C and Swift, and uses pods that.
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Welcome to the C# extension for Visual Studio Code! This extension provides the following features inside VS Code:

  • Lightweight development tools for .NET Core.
  • Great C# editing support, including Syntax Highlighting, IntelliSense, Go to Definition, Find All References, etc.
  • Debugging support for .NET Core (CoreCLR). NOTE: Mono debugging is not supported. Desktop CLR debugging has limited support.
  • Support for project.json and csproj projects on Windows, macOS and Linux.

The C# extension is powered by OmniSharp.

Get Started Writing C# in VS Code

Note about using .NET Core 3.1.40x SDKs


The .NET 3.1.40x SDKs require version 16.7 of MSBuild.

For MacOS and Linux users who have Mono installed, this means you will need to set omnisharp.useGlobalMono to never until a version of Mono ships with MSBuild 16.7.

Note about using .NET 5 SDKs

The .NET 5 SDK requires version 16.8 of MSBuild.

For Windows users who have Visual Studio installed, this means you will need to be on the latest Visual Studio 16.8 Preview.For MacOS and Linux users who have Mono installed, this means you will need to set omnisharp.useGlobalMono to never until a version of Mono ships with MSBuild 16.8.

What's new in 1.23.9

  • Add option to organize imports during document formatting. (PR: #4302)
  • Update to use zero based indexes (PR: #4300)
  • Improve request queues to improve code completion performance (PR: #4310)
  • Add setting to control whether to show the OmniSharp log on error (#4102, #4330, PR: #4333)
  • Support building launch assets for NET6-NET9 projects (#4346, PR: #4349)
  • Add debugger support for Concord extensions. See the ConcordExtensibilitySamples wiki for more information.
  • Update OmniSharp version to 1.37.6
    • Handle records in syntax highlighting (#2048, PR: #2049)
    • Remove formatting on new line (PR: #2053)
    • Validate highlighting ranges in semantic highlighting requests (PR: #2055)
    • Delay project system init to avoid solution update race (PR: #2057)
    • Use 'variable' kind for parameter completion (#2060, PR: #2061)
    • Log request when response fails (#2064)

What's new in 1.23.8

  • Updated Debugger support (PR: #4281)
    • Updated the version of .NET that the debugger uses for running its own C# code to .NET 5
    • Updated .NET debugging services loader to address problem with debugging after installing XCode12 (dotnet/runtime/#42311)
    • Fixed integrated terminal on non-Windows (#4203)
  • Updated Razor support (PR: #4278)
    • Bug fixes
  • Update OmniSharp version to 1.37.5 (PR: #4299)
    • Update Roslyn version to 3.9.0-2.20570.24 (PR: omnisharp-roslyn#2022)
    • Editorconfig improvements - do not lose state, trigger re-analysis on change (omnisharp-roslyn#1955, #4165, #4184, PR: omnisharp-roslyn#2028)
    • Add documentation comment creation to the FormatAfterKeystrokeService (PR: omnisharp-roslyn#2023)
    • Raise default GotoDefinitionRequest timeout from 2s to 10s (#4260, PR: omnisharp-roslyn#2032)
    • Workspace create file workaround (PR: omnisharp-roslyn#2019)
    • Added msbuild:UseBundledOnly option to force the usage of bundled MSBuild (PR: omnisharp-roslyn#2038)
  • Support auto doc comment generation (#8, PR: #4261)
  • Add schema support for appsettings.json (#4279, PR: #4280)
  • Add schema support for global.json (PR: #4290)
  • Update remoteProcessPickerScript windows ssh exit (#3482, PR: #4225)
  • Do not start OmniSharp server in Live Share scenarios (#3910, PR: #4038)
  • Suppress codelens for IEnumerable.GetEnumerator (#4245, PR: #4246)
  • Allow arm64 MacOS to debug dotnet projects (#4277, PR: #4288)

What's new in 1.23.7

  • Update OmniSharp version to 1.37.4 (PR: #4224)
    • Fixed global Mono MSBuild version reporting (PR: omnisharp-roslyn#1988)
    • Fixed incremental changes and completion in Cake (PR: omnisharp-roslyn#1997)
    • Omnisharp now uses libPaths and sourcePaths defined in custom .rsp file for scripting (PR: omnisharp-roslyn#2000)
    • C# scripting should use language version 'latest' by default (PR: omnisharp-roslyn#2001)
    • Improve handling with Cake Script Service (PR: omnisharp-vscode#2013)
    • Updated to latest Dotnet.Script scripting packages for .NET 5.0 (omnisharp-vscode#2020, PR: omnisharp-vscode#2012)
    • Updated Roslyn to 3.8.0, MSBuild to 16.8.0, DotNetHostResolver to 5.0.0, Nuget packages to 5.8.0-rc.6930 and MSBuildSDKResolver to 5.0.101-servicing.20564.2 to match .NET 5.0.100 SDK (PR: omnisharp-vscode#2015, omnisharp-vscode#2016)
    • Workspace create file workaround for VS Code (to avoid race condtion on newly created files) (omnisharp-vscode#4181, PR: omnisharp-vscode#2019)
    • Response file can now used enviroment variables in the path + more error handling (PR: omnisharp-vscode#2008)
  • Do not start OmniSharp server in Live Share scenarios (#3910, PR: #4038)
  • Update remoteProcessPickerScript windows ssh exit (PR: #4225)
  • Only suppress file changed notifications for C# files (#4178, PR: #4230)
  • Suppress codelens for IEnumerable.GetEnumerator (#4245, PR: #4246)

Emmet support in Razor files

To enable emmet support, add the following to your settings.json:

Semantic Highlighting

The C# semantic highlighting support is in preview. To enable, set editor.semanticHighlighting.enabled and csharp.semanticHighlighting.enabled to true in your settings. Semantic highlighting is only provided for code files that are part of the active project.

To really see the difference, try the new Visual Studio 2019 Light and Dark themes with semantic colors that closely match Visual Studio 2019.

Supported Operating Systems for Debugging

  • Currently, the C# debugger officially supports the following operating systems: Cpu temp monitor.

    • X64 operating systems:
      • Windows 7 SP1 and newer
      • macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and newer
      • Linux: see .NET Core documentation for the list of supported distributions. Note that other Linux distributions will likely work as well as long as they include glibc and OpenSSL.
    • ARM operating systems:
      • Linux is supported as a remote debugging target

Found a Bug?

To file a new issue to include all the related config information directly from vscode by entering the command pallette with Ctrl+Shift+P(Cmd+Shift+P on macOS) and running CSharp: Report an issue command. This will open a browser window with all the necessary information related to the installed extensions, dotnet version, mono version, etc. Enter all the remaining information and hit submit. More information can be found on the wiki.

Alternatively you could visit https://github.com/OmniSharp/omnisharp-vscode/issues and file a new one.


First install:

  • Node.js (8.11.1 or later)
  • Npm (5.6.0 or later)

To run and develop do the following:

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  • Run npm i
  • Run npm run compile
  • Open in Visual Studio Code (code .)
  • Optional: run npm run watch, make code changes
  • Press F5 to debug

To test do the following: npm run test or F5 in VS Code with the 'Launch Tests' debug configuration.


Copyright © .NET Foundation, and contributors.

The Microsoft C# extension is subject to these license terms.The source code to this extension is available on https://github.com/OmniSharp/omnisharp-vscode and licensed under the MIT license.

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